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  • Bex

    Thanks for the update on the u23 mens ITT. i still don’t really understand why they wouldn’t let the guy’s who are there for the RR do the TT as well. What about rider development and experience at a big event; is the financial cost of the rider competing the reason they keep it down to 1, or something else. Maybe i need to find out a bit more what’s in the “national selection document”.

    • yun

      Especially when other countries dont have any spots in Worlds. Abit like piling your plate up with food and only eating 1/3 of it while other kids are starving.

      • jules

        I don’t think it quite works like that. Australia gets 2 entries (so presumably other countries do as well, or perhaps it’s based on your country’s ranking?) + another for Harry Carpenter being Oceania champion. those spots don’t sound transferable.

        I’m unsure why CA didn’t let those 2 race though.

        • jules
          • Swift fix from the mechanic! But a shame for Scotson.

            • jules

              where was that guy on Sunday? I had 2 punctures and had to fix them myself

              • Sorry about that! I’ll put it on the wishlist for next year. ;)

          • echidna_sg

            funny it didn’t even rate a mention in the article when scotson would definitely have been a top podium chance…

            • jules

              if you mean the mention in the Daily News, I don’t think it had happened yet

            • “Australia’s sole representative, national ITT and road race champion Miles Scotson, was on track for a top-three finish despite suffering from gastro in recent days. He had an untimely mechanical in the second circuit, however, and ended up finishing in seventh place.”

      • Dave

        Every country wanting to participate gets to enter two riders in each individual time trial, only the countries with the defending world champion or a continental champion get a third entry.

        This not being an event as big as the Olympics, countries without a realistic hope of a decent performance don’t bother entering just for the achievement of participating.

    • Gavin Adkins

      What really annoys me is the opaque “that’s how we’ve always done it” response from CA. They copped a lot of criticism for the way they announced the cancellation of NRS events mid-season earlier this year and yet they seemed to have learned nothing from that recent experience.

      CT is probably one of the best outlets for CA to engage with members and potential members. To fob them off with a “see our National Selection Document” is completely hopeless and demonstrates the absence of any effective media strategy.

      • Bex

        well said, it’s very frustrating when they don’t elaborate even a little on something so basic as selecting 1 instead of 3. It’s almost like they think it’s a good thing to be like the UCI with their apparent hidden agendas and silence when the fan’s are begging for some detail.

        • Dave

          And especially with the one who was entered being the one struggling with gastro at the time.

      • Agreeing

        I have the impression CA gives zero f**ks when it comes to engaging with members.

        • jules

          I can’t speak on CA’s behalf, but I’d imagine they’ve communicated their reasons to the riders in question. given the likely nature of those discussions and reasons, I can imagine why they might not want to discuss openly with the public or ‘rank and file’ CA members.

          • Dave

            With the amount of government money propping up CA, they should not have a choice. Cough it up boys!

            I wonder what sort of Freedom of Information laws operate at Federal level?

            It’s a pity they are a bunch of amateurs running a third-rate sport. The media would be holding their feet to the fire if they were in charge of a major commercially viable sport or one of the blue ribbon Olympic sports.

            • jules

              I don’t think you can FOI verbal communications

              • Dave

                Something will have been written down somewhere, even if it’s just a text message.

                FoI works best when it is only a threat, forcing the organisation to voluntarily divulge instead of the process actually being followed through to completion.

                • jules

                  getting OT, but there are exemptions for divulging information identifying individual employees. we could go on :)

                  • Dave

                    I don’t know enough about Federal FoI laws to know myself.

                    An irate phone call to the team director from the Minister for Sport at 3:30am (Richmond time) would be a bit more effective :D

  • jules

    396w average!! I bet he’s spewing he didn’t nudge it up to 400 :)

    • Andy B

      I would be pretty happy with 396!

      • jules

        on a TT bike too, with uneven efforts in a paceline. #boss

    • Michael Sproul

      “Most impressive of all was that Silvan attained his peak 1 min power output of 540W on the final climb before the finish”

      ^^ This also! I can just about do that when I’m fresh…once!

  • jigga

    When did Kanye start reporting for NBC12?

    • Andy B

      haha had the same thought

      • Maria Blackburn

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  • Andy B

    Can anyone confirm if Virginia is indeed “for lovers” ?

  • Derek Maher

    Good to see Elisa Borghini and Giorgia Bronzini getting renewed team contracts with Wiggle.Elisa is still very young so should have her best cycling years ahead of her.Giorgia is not exactly a pensioner and will be missed from the peloton in 2017,Hope she changes her mind.Women in my book should have a longer shelf life as they tend to peak later in life than the guys barring interuptions to their chosen sport.
    Mads Wurtz rode a great TT and deserved his medal.
    A lot of the under 23 guys had a bit of a job getting decent equipment for the ride.Money being very tight with some federations which is the curse of the sport these days.


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