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August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
  • jon

    I’m a bit heart broken for American women ITT. I Was rooting super hard for Armstrong and Stevens.

    • muz

      You have to be unhappy for a rider like Villumsen who has been so close for so long though.

      Massive monkey off her back.

      • Dave

        A most worthy winner, congratulations to her.

        Let us keep in mind that most riders will never get to compete in a home world championships.

    • Andy B

      you must be exhausted (Sorry couldn’t help myself)

      • Dave

        I’m more interested in how he thought that could be even remotely helpful?

      • jon

        It’s definitely taxing when you want to see your country women do well.

  • Roger That

    Miguel Indurain wore a cycling cap better than anyone, ever. Period. He also looked ‘perfect’ on a bike. (Mancrush moment over now, back to work).

    • jules

      I must admit, the aesthetics of cycling in those days beats today’s sport hands down – in almost all ways

      • Agreed. The new wave of cycling caps that fit too small and have no luft are an outrage!

        • Winky

          The best and most iconic photos survive in our memories (and are regularly reproduced). The world seems like it was just so much cooler back then. Hard men. Shiny Campagnolo Record hubs that spun forever and that could be rebuilt and tuned to within a micron of their lives. Steel frames that didn’t creak nor amplify every sound. Lovingly hand-brazed ornate lugs. Chrome forks and rear triangles that, along with deep metallic paint just glistened in the sun. The riders and the bikes just looked better back then. And so did I!

          • Cyco

            No lugs on Big Mig’s bike… Despite what the stickers say that’s a TIG welded Pegoretti.

            Doesn’t change the beauty of the shiny Campag stuff, though

            • Winky

              Remember those beautiful epoxy-bonded Raleigh Technium frames that Fignon used to ride? Loved them.

      • paolo

        Agree. and they didn’t wear stocking labeled as socks either.

  • Winky

    Is Villumsen really a Kiwi? I mean, did she emigrate there, and then after while decide to become a citizen? Or is her nationality one of convenience? Not that I really care, as nationality is irrelevant to most things, but I was just curious.

    • According to Wikipedia: Villumsen “is a Danish-born road racing cyclist who became a New Zealand citizen in 2009 and has ridden under a Kiwi license from 2010”

      She also finished second in time trial at the 2013 World Championships. (Ellen van Dijk won)

      • Winky

        Yeah, I saw that. But has she ever lived in New Zealand?

        • muz

          Yep, sure has. Lived in Auckland for several years. Don’t quote me on this but I believe she came here because she was going out with a kiwi guy (not sure if that is still the case).

          • Winky

            Ahh. Thanks.

      • d;

        Obviously it was her choice, as Denmark had selected her and probably (would) still continue to. Read in an interview somewhere that she spent some time riding in the gorgeous NZ countryside, loved it and decided to be a citizen including dressing in black and the silver fern. I see that Keagan Girdlestone (South Africa) didn’t race for NZ: perhaps that’s contrary behaviour, so each to his/her own.

        • thomasrdotorg

          Keagan is not yet a citizen of NZ, merely a poor resident at present. It’s a sloooow process.

    • Warwick

      She’s wearing the silver fern and winning medals, of course she’s a kiwi! :-D
      I do think she has lived in NZ studying here for some time.

      • d;

        + you’re happy Quade Cooper doesn’t wear black.
        + you’re happy for the Kiwi Cherry Blossoms causing the biggest upset.

  • Cynic

    Why did the UCI borrow Dressage riders to be race commissionaires at the TT start?

    • Robert

      I blame Christian Prudholme of ASO. Chinos and blue shirts, it’s the official uniform of the lanyard wearing officials at the Tour de France. Top it off with a cardigan slung over the shoulders over so casually and he could run as a candidate for the Liberal Party.

  • david

    Does anyone know why Shara Gillow didn’t ride the ITT? Does Australia have a second slot available and didn’t use it, or is only one selection available? I would have though that Katrin Garfoot would qualify outside Australia’s quota as the Oceania champion…

    • 42x16ss

      No idea. There’s been a few strange decisions regarding team selections, like only selecting one for the U23 ITT even though they had 3 places. Harry Carpenter and Jack Haig should be feeling ripped off.

      • Dave

        I would encourage everyone to write to the Federal Minister for Sport, the Hon Sussan Ley MP, and encourage an immediate review into whether subsidising Cycling Australia in its current form is a wise use of taxpayers’ money.

        That same money could achieve so much more for cycling as a whole if it were spent on building best practice cycling infrastructure instead of funding such a dysfunctional sport administration.

        • Gravy Train

          Are you saying Nick Green is doing a terrible job as CEO of Cycling Australia?

          Who, you may ask? That tall guy from the fruit ads and rowing years ago, who seems to be all about lapping up the VIP invites and lunches, attending cycling events organised by everyone except Cycling Australia.

          Meanwhile CA under him is dead inside.

    • Dave

      Each country has two slots available in every time trial event, plus additional slots available to the defending world champion or a continental champion. This is not dependent on quotas from world rankings like selection for road race events.

      Realistically, most countries don’t use their full allocation just for the sake of participating if they don’t have a chance of performing well. That sort of thing is saved for bigger events like the Olympics.

      • echidna_sg

        and the current Olympic champ…

        its pretty convoluted, especially for the road race with country rankings deciding the number of slots you get…


        • Dave

          It is not at all convoluted, anyone saying that is just choosing not to pay attention.

          Win a major international championship? Get an extra TT rider.

          Perform well across the whole year? Get more road race riders.

  • Joris

    What brand bike is Linda Villumsen riding?

  • Dave

    Some excellent news tonight, well done to the UCI for realising that they’ve done a quite good job of trashing cycling already and there is no need to keep doing it by handing the TDU over to the Victorians. Suck it Sean!

  • Derek Maher

    Loved the womens elite TT.Exciting close finish with only 9 seconds between the top 4 places.
    Villumsen did both Denmark and New Zealand proud to take the Jersey.Excellent race by the ladies.
    The new UCI programme will be interesting,Wonder if it will work ?.
    Indurain sure looks cool in that photo.impossible to look that good in todays headwear.


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August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017