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  • jules

    allan people or Peiper? I remember reading TSP saying something about Dennis left Garmin because they couldn’t handle his temper

    • Dave

      People is correct, i’ve been been riding bikes since I was a kid in Adelaide so i’d know.

    • Michele

      I suggest auto-correct error. I can replicate on my Windows 10 machine.
      At least we know CT aren’t just doing the old Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V with their articles. No such issues in the VeloNews piece :)

      • Dave

        Word in windows 7 for me says Peeper. CT doesn’t employ monkeys like that other well known biking news website, it’s name escapes me, it’s been so long since I visited it.

        • Michele

          he he …. You mean the one that used to take a Flemish or Dutch cycling piece, run it through Google Translate, and publish it as their own????

          • jules

            so is it People or Peiper, or Peeper? :)

            • Michele

              Close Jules, it’s:

              People Peiper picked a peck of pickled peepers.

              • jules

                CT will never dare make a typo error again :)

                • now this is just getting silly…

                  • jules

                    I may have gone too far with the last comment!

                  • Sean

                    Matt started it.

                  • Derek Maher

                    There was an Aussi pro rider in the 70,80s named Allan Pieper Wade.He rode a lot in the classics and the Tours.Probably not the same guy ?.

    • Thanks Jules. Damn auto-correct…

      • Kim

        auto-correct – bit of a misnomer

  • horses

    “I’m a bit OCD. That’s the nice way of putting it” Yeah, good one, Rohan, I’m sure people with OCD think it’s nice.

    • Michele

      Devil’s advocate: Let’s say Rohan Dennis has been medically diagnosed with a mild form of OCD. Does that still make his comment offensive to you?

      • horses

        It’s not offensive to me, I just find it strange that a lot of people have started to label their own behaviour as being “a bit OCD” like it’s some sort of joke or something to be proud of. Maybe he does have a mild form, but the phrase “a bit OCD” seems to be used mostly by people with no diagnosis.

        • jules
          • horses

            I hope the irony of you giving into your compulsion to reply to everyone in a thread about OCD is not lost on you, jules.

            • jules

              no not at all!

        • Sean Doyle

          Maybe people should just say it’s a bit obsessive by them.

          Like any medical condition OCD affects people to varying degrees and it would seem that human beings by nature have OCD anyway. Some might call it habits and for most it’s not the full blown disorder that paralyses some people. Being a bit OCD is not a bad thing at all.

    • Bex

      what sort of a comment is this… would you rather he gave a canned response (i like to try hard). He wasn’t saying OCD is nice, he was saying that’s a polite way of saying he goes nuts if things aren’t ‘just so’.

      • horses

        Heh, so now people with OCD are “nuts”? What sort of a comment is that?

        • Sean Doyle

          Come on dude. I think you being a bit obsessed here.

          • Stirrer

            Yeh, a bit OCD maybe…

            Hey, someone had to say it.

            • bob

              Most cyclists suffer from a bit of OCD.

              • slartiblartfast

                Dennis’ anger management skills would have been sorely tested following the rear puncture he had during his ITT World Championship ride.

      • Daniel

        I get the original comment. There’s a tendency for people to flippantly throw around “OCD”, when at the end of the day it is a medical condition and shouldn’t be diminished.

        It’s not the biggest issue in the world and not really something I would have bothered to comment on, but I do get where the OP is coming from.

    • jules

      people with OCD are freaking out at the concept of being only a ‘bit OCD’

    • Winky

      I guess perhaps the not-nice way of putting it is that he’s a spoiled, petulant, self-centred brat. But maybe not. I don’t know the guy.

      • Derek Maher

        Hi Winky,Its very hard to be PC when you read these modern excuses for bad behaviour.

        • Winky

          Like I said, I don’t know the guy. But if anyone at our office carried on with behaviour like I’ve seen reported, they’d be shown the door pretty smartly. The best corporate HR policy (and perhaps the only one worth having) is “no @$$h0!es”.

  • Paolo

    What’s going on with Hepburn and Durbridge in the TT? Hope they are not following the way some other hyped Aussie trackies went.

    • Abdu

      Hepburn had a mechanical, finished 15th. Dennis had a puncture.

      Not bad all things considered.


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