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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
  • Chris

    …so… what was she riding then?

    • Michele

      A Trek bike.

      Someone kindly posted an image the other day of the model in one of the Digests. Looks like a match.

    • Warwick

      Possibly a Trek Speed Concept I believe

      • Michele

        Yep …

      • Michele

        Looks similar, doesn’t it:

        • Stompin

          I reckon its this…

          • Andy B

            For sure it’d be that exact bike
            I Still think its rebadged Trek though (frame is identical to an SC 9.9 down to cables, brakes, bottle mounts, seat post)

          • Liam O’Dea

            Except that BeOne don’t make a TT bike. The local spraypainter’s making a nice side profit.

        • Chris

          Hmm… I don’t know, the one she’s riding is black, and that one’s got a lot of white and red on it…

    • Andy B

      The seatpost was the giveaway for me (you can just see the bontrager logo)
      looks like a 2012/2013 Trek Speedconcept

  • Bex

    i was really impressed with the way GCN put on the Zwift race. Only thing i was left wondering was some people seemed to fly away from sy when he was putting out 5-600w, if they’re not on a smart trainer then they wouldn’t feel the extra resistance of the hills etc.

    • CapeHorn

      Zwift takes into account power (or estimated power, taken from trainer resistance curve, and speed), not just trainer speed.
      They then take that power, and the weight you have specified in your profile, and use that to work out your speed going up hills.
      Unfortunately, some people put in low weight figures (which means they will fly up hills), but that is the way of things.

      • Andy B

        yep I can fly on zwift If im 35kg..
        Inspiration to lose weight

  • muz

    Sounds like two different stories going around about Villumsen.


    Things might have gotten interesting if UHC had sacked her going on what Mark Elliot says.

    • Pete

      It’s an individual event that has nothing to do with your team. Ride what you like, they don’t force you to wear their kit.

      • Wookie

        If Villumsen is, in fact, perfectly entitled to ride her choice/her national team’s choice of bike, and her team is saying publicly they want her to apologise to the sponsors… well, if I were Villumsen, I’d be pretty dark about the team’s behaviour… Maybe some of the other women’s pro teams DO want to have a ITT world champion in their squad?

        • Dave

          Perfectly entitled to under UCI rules, but not necessarily under her contract with the team.

          It was very badly handled though – both by Villumsen in not preventing it and the team management by handling it badly. Going to the team ahead of time to either negotiate a variation to her contract or simply get a few Wilier Twinblade stickers to put on the blank bike would have solved the whole issue before it even started.

      • Chris

        The UCI clearly don’t mind what she rides. Why would they, as long as it’s UCI stickered? That’s why she’s “broken no rules”, I assume. But her contract with UHC probably says she has to ride the Wilier in any event she rides, as a brand ambassador sort of thing. I assume UCI rules and contracts of employment for riders are different things.

        • Dave

          @Chris – correct.

          No male rider would have gotten away with it either.

    • Paolo

      Considering the small winning margin it might have been the bike that made the difference between rainbows and 4th place for her. Even though i suspect it to be the Lightweight disc more than the frame. Anyway, if they wouldn’t write an article about it and make a massive deal no one would have cared/known.

  • Steve P

    Linda’s employers do seem to show how little to they care about her – instead of celebrating her amazing win they pulling her down. I’d be defending her and telling the sponsors to lift the game.

    • james

      All the other comments are totally missing the point except for you Steve. IF the manufacturer cannot make a bike her size then they and all the other sponsors need to go suck eggs. If the NZ national coaches can recognise that she is riding on too big a bike how incompetent is her team? If they had done proper testing AND thinking perhaps they would have pressured Wilier to make one for her… if they had then surely they would have had less second place finishes from her and a few more rainbow stripes? Congrats to Linda and the NZ coaching staff!!

      • Michele

        Great points Steve and James …

      • Dave


        If Wilier didn’t have one to suit her, the team should have just bought a Trek and stickered it up as a Wilier – just like TFR were planning on Trek-ifying a 1970s Colnago for Cancellara before the Hour Record bike rules were relaxed.

    • Andy Logan

      This is surely the most important thing….She Won the Worlds ITT and until someone mentioned what bike she won it on, nobody would of cared. I know if I was Linda, I would be pretty annoyed with my employer currently. Threatening to sack you after you win a World Title. They could do one if it was me.

  • Simon

    Disappointed in the UCI decision to allow radios. More of the same boring stuff until 30 kms to go.

    • Leroy

      Agreed, please get rid of them, would make the sport so much more interesting. Keep the timing boards etc.

  • Lucky that UHC kicked up a fuss, or no one would have known that Wilier could not do the job. Honouring a sponsor: how, exactly?

    (Speaking of teams I think Tomasz probably came from Torku. Rafael was only on one team in 2015.)

    • Dave

      Spot on, that was severely amateur stuff from the team management!

      The correct way of handling it would have been to either put Wilier stickers all over the Trek bike, or negotiate (ahead of time) a release from her sponsorship obligations and the appropriate adjustments to remuneration.

  • david__g

    Hilarious the UHC guy said they’d deal with the fine/punishment ‘internally and not publicly’ yet they were very quick to go public with the face she was in trouble with them. If I were her I’d tell them to stuff their contract and find a new team. As stated elsewhere in the comments, I’m sure a lot of teams would appreciate a world TT champ in their squad.

  • Derek Maher

    Good to see the womens tour of California get an extra day of racing.
    Linda in trouble with her bosses over ignoring her sponsorship deal.Just as well she won the race.
    Plus she did have a valid reason on the frame size issue.However pro riders should sort these issues out ahead of a race and do their best to promote the firm that pays to keep them on the road.Her Team manager probably was given a rocket by the sponsor and warned about his job for 2016 hence the panic and poorly handled press release.All riders club or pro team who are sponsored should give publicity to their sponsor to the best of their ability.
    Even if its the local bike shop who donate club jerseys, wear them with pride.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017