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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
  • Gee

    World champion, speech on world peace and even sporting a man bun after the finish – I thin Sagan’s gunna steal my girlfriend!

    Sorry Fabian, there’s a newer model in town. #mancrushmonday

    • Michele

      That’s okay .. my wife think’s I gonna steal Sagan from his girlfriend. :).

      • Dianne Bostic

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        • Michele

          That is not going to appease my wife’s concern about my alleged man crush.

    • donncha

      Tyler Durden

  • Notspecialized

    Sorry Cav, Specialized have a new superstar now. Good luck on the Cervelos and we’d like the shoes back please

    • Tim Ashton

      Although sagan was riding the old venge frame

    • Danny

      What is a cav? I’ve never heard of one.

    • VerticallyCompliant

      Only one of them won a tour stage…
      Though on the subject I the big s. Do any of the big names ride their new venge?

      • Tim Ashton

        They do on some days. Apparently Cav etc wont ride it on hilly or wet days because they dont like the braking. Thats rumour I have heard anyway.

  • Michele

    Brilliant finale. Course scenery may have been a little underwhelming, but anytime a race produces the diversity of a podium like the men’s RR did, then the balance of the parcours is pretty good.
    Watching it live, I thought Sagan blew just before the top of the final climb. Wasn’t popping, just changing down gears – great stuff.
    I have a sneaky suspicion that the turning point in Sagan’s career might just be the GC win the ToC. Seems a different rider since then. Buries himself even more.
    I’ve often thought that once Sagan get’s his first BIG win, the second, third, fourth etc., would follow quickly. 2016 could be a big year for him. And he still so young. A modern day Sean Kelly is now in the making. Great stuff.

  • Andy Logan

    Looks like Gerro rode for himself, what’s the point in having a rider 2nd and 6th. Gerro should have sacrificed himself for Matthews to try and bring that back.

    Great win by Sagan, well deserved. Won’t be known as the nearly man anymore. Bet all those 2nd places feel worth it now.

    • VerticallyCompliant

      They got close and it would have been his lead out that won the day had Sagan been reigned in.
      Congrats to Matthews. Bring on 2016 watching these two take on spring.

    • ceedee

      Matthews has said over on cyclingnews the Gerrans wasn’t a team player.

      Should Gerran be punish for his bad behavior? Maybe be drop for next years World Champs and/or Olmypic Games?

      • jules

        they were co-leaders, from what I heard. Matthews’ problem is with team mgt, more than Gerro

        • Michele

          That’s how I read it. Having co-leaders both in contention in the closing kms can be a little bit fraught with danger – especially if the race is sans radios.

          • Bex

            bit of both management and gerro, surely both being close together at that stage of the race they’d have a quick chat and see who was best placed to get a result. Bling was always the (fan) fav when considering a reduced sprint like that.

            • Michele

              I’d probably also want to hear from Gerrans and Team Management before making a call on who is to blame.

              You’re right … without race radio, a quick chat in the closing kilometres would a logical thing to do. I don’t know the answer, But did Gerrans and Bling have that chat? If not, then both riders are at fault.

              If they did, I’d be interested to hear what was decided / agreed upon [if they could agree] before saying who was at fault.

              • donncha

                I would have thought it would be obvious? If they’re both in the final stretch, Gerro leads out for Matthews. There’s no way in hell Gerro can outsprint Matthews.

                • Michele

                  True … but do we know exactly where Gerrans was in the last 300 metres? Was he ever in a position to lead out Matthews?
                  Where was Gerro is relation to Matthews on the steepest parts of the final climb?
                  I don’t know … unfortunately the footage I’ve seen doesn’t focus on the sprint for second too much. I’d wait until the post-mortem is conducted before I start pointing the finger at a rider.
                  That all said, I do agree with Matthews that having co-leaders [edit] IS counter productive. Maybe have a second card up your sleeve / Plan B.
                  So I think Cycling Australia should also come out and explain themselves in all this.

                  • jules

                    ^ this. it wasn’t a conventional bunch sprint with a lead-out train. the only bona-fide sprinter in there at the end was Kristoff. the notion of team help in cycling is thrown around with too much abandon – sometimes you have to win on your own. just ask the guy on the top step :)

                • But he did once outsprint Sagan a couple of years ago in the TdF….

    • We’re trying to get in touch with Gerro to see what happened right now. Hopefully we speak to him before he goes to bed.

      • Paolo

        No need to. He will saying something diplomatic about two leaders, no time to talk, feeling good etc. Fact is, two years in a row the Aussies got beaten by someone who dared to go all out instead of wheel sucking to the last 200m. Serves them right.

        • Michele

          And so did every other nation … :)

          • Paolo

            No other nation finished second twice… :) Still great results, but i’m happier with dare devil wins ;-)

        • Wish I was on the bike…

          I agree about Gerro’s media work. High on planning and low on candour. Hoping that he’ll get passed this disappointment and play well with the other kids. There’s no doubt they deserve a turn too!

      • I want to give Gerro the benefit of the doubt. Yes, he’s crafty and he loves to win (winners are grinners). His palmares attests to that. But he’s also been pretty selfless on occasion. We’ll never really know.

        Messages will be carefully massaged and politics will be involved… and we all agree that in hindsight the leadout for Matthews would have been the obvious choice. However, is it possible he was just hanging on and didn’t have the capacity to give a decent leadout? Did the two riders not have the capacity to communicate effectively? (Don’t forget, they’d just ridden over 250kms and gone all out for the last several minutes in a strung out reduced bunch… so a well-considered conversation is highly improbable.) And Sagan was motoring… even if Gerrans had gone all out (and had the legs to do it), could he have chased Matthews back into contention?

        It would have been awesome for Australia (and Matthews) if Matthews won it. But it was still a terrific race. And the guy who won was deserving.

  • thomasrdotorg

    “I’m pleased to have this matter behind me and I look forward to moving on (…to the next inevitable case until I am ruined)”

  • Robbie


    Love Gerro but maybe not the best move by him. OGE team camp might be abit awkward now

    • Michele

      Definitely might be a bit awkward.

      These 2 quotes from article:

      “Yeah, I would have liked the full support but it is what it is. We came in with two leaders.”


      “I think that I had maybe three guys.”

      Reckon Gerrans would also probably say he had 3 guys are well.

      Of course, Matthews said back on 15/9 he wanted full team support …. I still reckon his post-race comments are directed more at team management than Gerrans:


  • Sneaky

    Dead set, who is the guy that nabbed 3rd? Never heard of him

  • Oleg

    Can’t wait for the Saxo Tinkoff snow camo world camps kit!!

  • Huh

    Barely a congrats from the Russian douchbag


    • Michele

      Oleg probably upset because his threatened legal action against the Vuelta now wouldn’t stand up in a court of law. ?

      It was suggested by him at the time that Sagan’s crash would cost him the rainbow ? jersey.

  • Fleur

    Favourite Men’s Worlds winner ever in my life. Sagan you rock my world.

  • Steel

    A Sagan win is almost as good as an Aussie winning. Not that he really had one in my opinion, but this gets the monkey off his back from all those second places.

  • Holby City

    Best thing that could have happened. The floodgates will open now. Bring on Flanders and Roubaix in 2016!

  • Michele

    Oh, Cycling Tips, I just fixed that Armstrong quote re SCA for you:

    “I do wish to apologise to SCA, but I am not going to, for any misconduct on my part.”

  • Simon Bird

    Congrats to Sagan, the only guy to get hit by the curse of the rainbow jersey before winning it…

    • Michele

      Thinking the same thing ….
      I also think 2016 will be the year Sagan puts this stupid myth to bed once and for all.

      • Whippet

        Sagan demonstrated this season that many things can go wrong in cycling, and that victories are hard to come by. This idea of a curse doesn’t hold up when looking at all the evidence over the years, but it does make a story. Pick any rider, put a unique jersey on that rider for a year, and many years will appear to “cursed”. Others, such as Merckx, LeMond and Boonen seemed to be “lucky” in the jersey.

        • jules

          the ‘curse’ is also known as ‘regression to the mean’. statistically, the fact someone has a great season doesn’t mean they won’t the next season, so much as a less successful season is just closer to their normal standard.

  • Michele

    Funny .. I was reading the latest Rouleur over the weekend. Great piece about Sean Kelly in it.

    We remember Kelly for all the wins he had. It’s an amazing palmares. What often gets overlooked / forgotten that in his first few years, he struggled to claim what he considered to be a big win.

    Sure, he had won the points classification in 82 and 83 TdF, the equivalent in the 1980 Vuelta. Heck, he had even won Paris-Nice in 82 and 83, and the Tour de Suisse in 83.

    But it wasn’t until his win in the 1983 Lombardy that he felt he really belong. [He turned pro in 1977]. This comment was interesting:

    “It took me a number of years to get to that level, stamina-wise over the long distances, and also tactically. I won my first Classic at Lombardia [in 1983], and that was great because it got that monkey off my back. And then you go on after you win the first one; you have the confidence.”

    Of course, one swallow doesn’t make a summer. But there is definitely some parallels between Kelly and Sagan. Will be great to see how Peter develops from here.


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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017