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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
August 14, 2017
  • Nitro

    The Gerrans and Bling photo – Seems to be an extra Munsters-style hand… :)

  • jules

    I’m leaning towards Gerro’s stance on this. I don’t see how his riding for Bling would have changed the result. and Gerro finished very strongly himself, so his decision to put his hand up was validated. after a tough year, I think Gerro deserved that and I can’t obviously see how it hampered Bling’s race – which he’d likely have won, if it weren’t for Sagan.

    • With a two leader strategy, it’s hard to see why Gerro would have had any incentive at all to help chase down Sagan in the final kilometer. If Matthews was the clear leader, then possibly.

      • echidna_sg

        Definitely. Either rider would have placed himself closer to the front and potentially gone with van avermet and sagan had he been the designated number 2…. but, thats racing and the 2 leader strategy didn’t work out this time.

      • jules

        in theory, but having just looked at the video of the closing stages again, it seemed like the peloton was either strung out single file at max. speed, or fighting up the steep pinches. if there had been hesitation in the bunch and Bling needed someone to take charge, that would be one thing, but it doesn’t look like that to me. having said that, hindsight doesn’t completely justify the decision made prior to the race, when Gerro’s help could have been needed for all they knew.

        • Michele

          Well the closing kilometres were either short ramps, false flats, or descending. From what I could see they were all strung out. EBH and GVA were playing a little bit of silly buggers. But those behind them were, as you say, strung out for most of the time.

          Would love to know the time gaps Sagan had at the top of the cobbled climb, when he was with GVA, to the gap once he had descended and gone around those 2 or 3 ninety degree bends.

          The gap between Sagan and the main bunch was quite large. No offense to Gerrans, there is no way he would’ve been able to peg back Sagan on the descent. I’m also pretty sure he wasn’t strong enough to close the gap – by himself – on Peter on the final 2 climbs.

          The closing kms weren’t conducive for a lead out. If Germans [or Matthews] couldn’t follow Sagan’s initial attack, that both were in the bunch together was irrelevant.

          Side point Hypothetical: let’s say Gerrans went with and sat on Sagan until the finish line sprint. He then beats Sagan in the sprint. We’d all be saying that Gerrans again “wheelsucked” himself to a major win.

      • Winky

        No certainties, but if “gerro” had gone with GVA and EBH, then there would have been at least two to chase down Sagan, given that those two started bickering. But perhaps “gerro” wasn’t strong enough on the day in any case.

        • jules

          why is “gerro” in quotes? :)

          • Winky

            It’s a weird, personal, and pointless protest at the ‘strayan habit of giving everyone a knickname like this (matty, stuey etc.). I’m an expat and cringe at all the “oi, oi, oi” garbage. The boxing kangaroo makes my blood boil. It’s an ugly symboI that is well past it’s use-by date. I generally hate nationalism of all sorts.

            • Michele

              What’s winky short for ? :)

              Hope not Winkles.

            • jules

              I’m with you there Winko

              • Winky

                Hey, I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite!

      • 42x16ss

        If Gerrans had taken over the pacemaking when Haussler was worn down then the chasers may have gotten closer to Sagan than they did. Instead, he kept off the front, waited and sprinted for second.
        A very negative ride IMO, especially when he knows that Matthews is a stronger sprinter.

        • Flashing Pedals

          Every year, it comes down to the same question, and answer. If you want the world title, then you’d better race to win it, and want it, because it’s not going to fall in your lap. Last years worlds, proved that Gerrans, doesn’t have that instinct. That’s two years in a row, he’s missed the boat. So how does he win a world title? If he’s not the fastest sprinter & he doesn’t race it aggressively? He doesn’t.
          But then neither does Bling, because he needed absolute faith from team, all for him, and it wasn’t there.
          Cast your mind back to Zolder & realise why Robbie didn’t win that day either.

          • jules

            woah! Gerro is a winner. he’s not the most brutally powerful rider in the peloton, but he finds ways to win. you can’t do that every race though. using other teams up to do the chasing is part of the sport, it’s not a weakness. how fickle we are – Gerro has been a prolific winner, now suddenly he’s a ‘nearly man’.

            maybe Bling deserved his support on the day, but not because Gerro was kidding himself.

            • Pete

              Yes Gerrans is a winner but not a team player. Wait and see how many races they both appear in next year for Green Sludge.

              • jules

                I agree he doesn’t seem to be a great team player, but the best teams are made up of good team players and race winners. you don’t necessarily need to be both at the same time. the best race winners are often very single minded and selfish. not by coincidence.

              • MJ

                A lot of keyboard warriors on this thread. I think if you speak to any GreenEdge rider they will all say the same thing about Gerro. He is very much a team player. His position in the GreenEdge team and the National Team are due to many many years of playing a team role.
                When the team agreed to have two leaders, the scenario that occured in the finish was always a possibility. Everyone is saying that Gerro should have chased/leadout etc etc… Was he capable? I’m sure he wishes he went with Sagan….. doesn;t mean he could. Chasing on the front requires significantly more effort than sitting in the wheel. Finishing 6th in that race is testement to his ability to hang tough and pick the right wheel in the closing meters. Its fanciful to sugest he could have chased down Sagan for Bling. If he had that form he would have been on Sagans wheel over the climb.

            • Flashing Pedals

              Totally agree – he is a winner. But he’s proven incapable of winning a world road title.
              That race comes down to many riders combined for that one event, from several teams. Like it or not – it’s when individual egos have to be pulled into check and combined for the good of your country, or what suits and gets the team win.
              Gerrans, would’ve known the size of bunch likely to finish the race would be big, and saw the race as it unfolded, so why didn’t he either race it all out for glory or sacrifice his effort for the fastest sprinter?
              He wanted to sprint in his own right – his choice, but when it didn’t benefit the team, was it selfish?
              He waited because he liked (assumption) his chances at the finish, rather than Blings.

          • Michele

            Disagree …
            Last year’s worlds didn’t prove Germans doesn’t have the instinct. Belgium had 2 riders finish in the top 7 – one of whom was Gilbert. Would you suggest Gilbert lacks that world championship winning instinct?

            • Sean

              Jillbear does win with style tho.

            • Flashing Pedals

              Michele, how you interpret anything, including races, is down to you. Equally, the same applies to myself. Look back at Gerrans reactions and interviews after last years result. Kwiatkowski put it all out there, as a “this is my moment” and went for it, Gerrans didn’t – it’s the worlds.
              How he wins other races, some styles work for him, but no one wins the worlds, by sitting back and waiting for it to fall in their lap.

              I’ve seen enough worlds road races, to have opinions, and when Kelly got out sprinted by Lemond, it was because his PDM team mates, declined to lead him out, that’s bike racing, and the fact that Sean Kelly rarely had more than a few team mates in the whole race – not 7-8-9 or in some worlds 9 plus last years winner.

              Sagan, is a great winner.

              • Michele

                So does Matthews have the instinct to win a world championship?
                He sat back on Sunday whilst Sagan went for it. Didn’t Matthews sit back on Sunday ands wait for it to fall in his lap [bunch brought back together]?

                • Flashing Poodles

                  Michele, you know exactly that Blings strength was in a hard race, where everyone got worn down, reduced group, fast boys diminished & he could finish the job. If the team could keep him in contention. He raced, to his strengths, albeit likely most felt the group would’ve reduced more, earlier in the race. It didn’t happen, and they knew the attacks were coming on the climb at 3,2 & bell lap.
                  Gerrans waited – remind me when or if, he actually went up the road, at any point on Sunday? Did he follow anything when he knew what was inevitably going to happen ? So, he sits and waits and sprints in his own right for 2nd and comes in 5th (Sagan up the road, game over, 6th rider over the line, Gerrans)
                  As you say, co leader, so he raced for himself.
                  Bling sprints for 2nd and takes it.

                  Anyway thanks for the forum, lots of interesting views, but sleep beckons for this armchair expert…..

                  • Michele

                    I agree with you … I’m playing devil’s advocate here.

                    I think the comments on these boards show that having co-leaders causes trouble. Just ask Purito.

                    But I don’t think the fault lies with Gerrans. I should have added this to my earlier post:

                    I didn’t agree with McGee’s pre-race tactics, and I’m a huge fan of his. If Matthews was on the form of his life [which he proclaimed], then he should have been protected team leader.

                    Gerrans should have been told his role was either to go with the late attacks that were sure to come, or if he didn’t think he could follow them, work for Matthews as best he can. He didn’t do either.

                    As I said yesterday; McGee needs to come out and explain himself here. Because if Gerrans was told he had a free reign to do as he pleased, then Brad is throwing him under a bus somewhat.

                    Good chatting – as always Flashing Poodles.

            • Paolo

              Last year…if Gerrans would have gone when Gilbert faded on the last climb instead of looking around and waiting for Valverde to have a wheel to sit on, he would have caught Kwiatkowski and he would have won. He didn’t want to risk it and gambled on the sprint and lost. Bling did the same this year, only guy in the seat when Sagan attacked, and lost too.

  • Bonesx

    That crow,eh. Ahh Wade, you hosers are way too polite. Even with your wildlife. My first thought would have been this = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BjDUJF4KZg

  • Lyre_bird

    The monument victory has eluded Sky, not alluded. Although they both derive from the same word in Latin, their meanings are almost opposite.

  • Tim Ashton

    Any word on Sky’s other Australian dumpings? (Nathan Earle and Chris Sutton) And whats happened with Matt Goss…..I read somewhere he was leaving MTN….

    • donncha

      Earle and Sutton are both out of SKY.

      Goss has to be out as well. He’s done nothing all year and woucl be VERY surprised if MTN had him on more than a one-year contract.

      • jules

        MTN signing Cav/Renshaw apparently. doesn’t look like there’s room for Goss, even if he’s a mate of Cav’s.

      • Tim Ashton

        I saw in SKY press release they were both out. Was more wondering if anyone knew where they would be heading?
        Same for Goss, he is a curious case. Was such an exciting Australian sprint talent not very long ago. And had some big wins to his name. Has seemed to fade into oblivion. I doubt its for lack of trying though.

        • Ron

          Feel bit sorry for Gossy – wonder of motivation or training is the issue?

          • Michele

            Maybe he just hates his job.
            If we can fall out of love with riding our bikes, imagine what it would be like for a pro to do so.
            Couple of weeks ago there was an AFL players survey published. Can’t remember the exact stats, but first year players were asked if they saw playing AFL as a game or a job.
            I think about 80-odd % said a game.
            Same questioned asked to 5 year players … 80-odd % said they saw it as a job.

        • ceedee

          You have to wonder what would of happen if Highroad didn’t fold and he didn’t make the move to GreenEdge.

    • Flashing Pedals

      Gods has signed on with McDonalds.
      He’s expected to be leading on the burger classement, by January

      • Flashing Pedals

        Goss – ah the erroneous typo

        • Michele

          Sagan is Satan, and Gerrans is Germans in every post I’m making.

      • Tim Ashton

        Brutal….I would have thought signing for a Continental Team more likely. Maybe come back to Australia/NRS?

      • Nitro

        There’s a McDonalds pro cycling team? Awesome. Finally a team aligned to something I could be good at :)

    • Dave

      If they have a free slot for him under the maximum number of riders they can have, they’d have a good reason to keep him.

      Remember that he’s paying for his ride there, so he generates a profit for the team even if he’s only used to pad out the numbers at races they don’t care about. That’s important when you give over half of your naming rights to a charity.

  • Michele

    Anyone else looking forward to SKY’s monopoly on Grand Tours in 2016?
    Landa for Giro?
    Froome for TdF?
    Poels for Vuelta?

    • Bex

      Going to be an interesting year next yr, there’s a few teams with guys that can contend for a GT but everyone seem’s to be focused on TDF. BMC with Port and Van Garteren, Astana with Aru and Nibs (guess aru hasn’t won the giro yet). Going into a GT with multiple contenders seems like a waste if they’re not contending the other GTs.

      • Tim Ashton

        I hope BMC send Porte to Giro. He had the form this year to be up there but for a bit of bad luck and crashing……
        I suspect with 3 time trials in next year, including a TTT, that would favour Porte

    • CC

      nup. Sky is a PC, everyone else is a MAC :)

      • Dave

        Sky strikes me more as Linux (or a Linux user at least) than anything else.

      • icepro

        I’d swap it around actually. Sky is a Mac, Innovation, making things done for years – better. Every idea has been copied, the ultimate flattery. You know your doing something right, even if every cycling enthusiast wants to s*** you off because…

  • Nooooo

    Cav in a Met helmet next year?? Oh how the mighty have fallen

  • Dave

    Looking at the list of ins and outs on the Team Sky website, it seems that their current Spotify playlist was created in honour of their TTT training issues:


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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
August 14, 2017