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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • Wish I was on the bike…

    The interview with Simon Clarke told me more than most interviews with riders changing teams. Gives the impression that he is owning his abilities and career and the changes he makes. Best of luck to him.

  • Michele

    I agree with Kelly about Cavendish being super motivated for 2016.

    There might be one sticking point. Kittel will also be super motivated as well. If they both got back to their best – considering age – I would still say Marcel firing on all cylinders will be quicker than Cav.

    That said, I’m not as convinced that Kittel will get back to somewhere near his best. I think Cav can.

    • Jake(Aus)

      I agree, I feel like Cav is still young enough to do some very big things and the move might help to motivate him, though next year could be a bit hit and miss as a transitional year as well.
      Speaking of the move, has anyone heard what all these signing mean for Goss? I assume he’s finished?

      • Sean

        Drapac could be an option for him, as could a US based team. I would hate to see him riding for an NRS team next year, his form has however been pretty ordinary for too long.

        • echidna_sg

          if I were Goss, I’d retire rather than race NRS. He will get a spot on a pro conti team for sure (if he wants one).

    • Arfy

      Has anyone heard if Team Dimension Data going to continue as Pro Conti, or will they now be allowed to step up? If they’re Pro Conti then Cav should be able to get a bucket load of wins and avoid Kittel until the Tour. I’d imagine that having Dimension Data as title sponsor would help get the Tour invite …

      • Michele

        They have stated their goal is to be a WT in 2016:


        There’s 17 WT teams at the moment. I was under the impression UCI happy with 18, though that is based on something I read a couple of years ago and is likely to have changed.

        So I would assume that provided they meet the licensing requirements – i.e. financially sound, then they would be in a shoo-in for 2016.

        • Dave

          18 is still the maximum field size.

          They were looking at cutting that down a bit and creating a WorldTour Division 2 as part of the proposed reforms, but that fell by the wayside and so we will still have a maximum of 18 for a while.

          Even if the number of WorldTeams was reduced for 2017 (when the reforms kick in) then Dimension Data-Qhubeka shouldn’t have a problem getting a team ranking good enough to defend their position and see a couple of others relegated even at the end of just one year.

          • Michele

            Thanks Dave

    • echidna_sg

      Don’t forget the gorilla in the room… I think Cav has worn out his welcome somewhat as he has displayed some tentativeness in positioning and that has resulted in crashes too often in the last 18 months or so. Either he regains the confidence quickly, or its game over and he will be yesterday’s man very quickly.

      • Michele

        Good point … I felt like Cav almost developed the yips when it came to bunch sprints in recent years.
        Yes, you’re right – it is a confidence thing. 2016 will make or break him.
        If he has another poor year, then yes, I think that will be it.

    • claude cat

      Kittel to Etixx???

      Renaat Schotte
      .@Hugocoorevits writes in @Nieuwsblad_be ‘Kittel to join Etixx-QuickStep’


      • Dave

        I thought he had already renewed with Giant-Alpecin?

        I wouldn’t pick Kittel if I was in charge at Etixx, knowing I’ve already got Fernando Gaviria to replace Cav directly and that Peter Sagan is available for 2017.

        Come to think of it, if I was Patrick LeFevre then I would be chatting to Sagan during the current transfer period before the end of this year about a 2017 contract – or even an immediate transfer like Rohan Dennis did?

        • claude cat

          I believe he has a contract for next year, but there was a lot of talk about breaking the contract (or perhaps he has an out??) earlier in the year when he failed to get a ride in the TdF.
          It’s pretty clear he’s not happy at Giant-A.

      • We’re hopefully speaking to Kittel tonight to find out what’s going on. Stay tuned!

  • Arfy

    If people feel the need to implement ad blockers, then the advertisers have got it wrong. Most of CT’s ads are more like bike porn to me.

    • That’s the biggest compliment we could ask for Arfy!

    • Peter

      Yeah, most of the ads on CT are not too intrusive and are related to cycling, so they don’t cause me too much bother. If CT can keep that balance of a clean, not overly cluttered site with ads relevant to their readership, which are not too intrusive and do not overwhelm the page, then the ads shouldn’t be a problem. For me cyclingnews.com is a site with ads that are too intrusive – and the site is too busy overall – but still regularly visit it because of the informative content.

    • Art Wetherall

      Yeah, the ads here have a good balance and aren’t too bothersome. I’ve turned off my ad blocker on the site to try and support the content.

  • Tim Ashton

    Im happy for the ads to exist if it means I keep getting great content for free.
    Im an adult and can choose whether I want to buy products based on adverts or not.

    • Bex

      just so long as they’re not too intrusive. ie permanantly take up viewing space, or follow me down the screen (those i find annoying).

      • Ben Greeve

        There’s currently the internal ad for the Giro Della Donna that takes up ~1/5th of my mobile screen. It can be closed but its these exact ads that cause me to block a website.

  • Dave

    Hi CT, instead of closing the comments on the Black wheelset review, perhaps you could ask brands about where they are made and whether they use open moulds as part of the review itself? That stuff is of far more interest to readers than the fact Dopey Dave has been paid to endorse the brand – which would only be remotely interesting if it was found he doesn’t actually ride them.

    Even if they don’t answer, you can always wheel out the tactic used in the Charlie Walsh takedown piece last year and make reference to the non-answering of the question.

    What would happen to a motoring journalist who did a review of, for example, an Audi A3 without noting that the VW Golf and certain other VAG cars share the same chassis platform? They would quickly be set free from the slavery of working for an editor to discover the freedom of running their own blog (only after any non-compete agreements expired).

    • Hi Dave, I understand what you’re saying, but we’ve already confirmed that the wheels were designed by Black Inc. and is their own IP (i.e. they are not open mold). The reason I closed the comments is because after nearly every review, we get into the same debate.

      • Dave

        Perhaps confirm before publishing next time and head off the comments before they even start?

  • claude cat

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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017