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  • Winky

    Germany are welcome to host the TDF start as long as Geschke shaves off that ridiculous beard.

  • markpa

    While the Grand Depart was a great boost to Yorkshire economy, it was a loss for Tourism Yorkshire.

    There should be plenty of bargain Grand Depart jerseys for sale with £750k of unsold merchandise.

    • Dave

      “a great boost to Yorkshire economy, it was a loss for Tourism Yorkshire.”

      Isn’t that the point of investing in something?

      • markpa

        I agree Dave, just noting that someone has to be prepared to take a loss.
        While it’s obviously Tourism Yorkshire’s role to develop the regional tourism economy it may not be the case for TfL, given (as you noted) their core business is trains, buses and bike paths.

  • Dave

    Why was the TdF start entrusted to TfL? How on earth is it remotely within their remit of running trains and buses?

    Seems like they weren’t really trying.

  • Derek Maher

    Probably wanted to block all these foreign people arriving might give all the migrants camped in France some ideas.Swarms of them might grab bikes and race through the channel Tunnel.Who knows what goes through the minds of the TfL people.

    • Dave

      “Who knows what goes through the minds of the TfL people.”

      Hopefully a good deal of thought about issues which are actually their area to deal with, such as…
      – the performance of the local bus franchises
      – the teething troubles with their contactless card payment system
      – the delayed procurement process for the Crossrail trains
      – capacity enhancements for the London Overground lines which have been a victim of their own success
      – keeping the roads of London properly maintained
      – installing best practice cycle infrastructure

      Immigration policy and the performance of Eurotunnel security (which has now been tightened after one man made it through) are not areas within the remit of Transport for London.


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