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  • Derek Maher

    Bet thats a relief for the Team.Smart move by Dimension Data to keep the team at pro continental level for 2016.Gives the team another year to hone their skills and allows the sponsor a year to judge if their investment is going to plan and how the team management is getting them on the media stage.

  • alexroseinnes

    Cool, Dimension Data is originally a South African company.

  • Simon Bird

    Good news for the team, hope it helps them step up even further. Interesting to know if this decision was made independently or with support of DD’s Japanese owners, NTT Communications. If the latter, it would be nice if they use it to increase the profile of the sport here in Japan, and maybe pave the way for more sponsors to come in. Likewise, if teams can start to use tech more visibly (GPS trackers, live data etc) it will give a good business case for other tech firms to come in as well – several of them partially filled the gap left by tobacco sponsors in F1 so they have the budgets.

    • Betty Wilson

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