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  • Derek Maher

    Regarding Podium Girls,Okay I am a male,However Judging from the various prize awards to the female racers.The ladies seem a lot more relaxed when flanked by a couple of smartly turned out women than standing to attention with a couple of middle aged guys resting their hands on the back of their jerseys or lower when the photo,s are taken ?.The podium girls add a touch of colour and grace to proceedings in my book and should be shown some respect.
    On another note.Well done to Emma for her GC win in the Lotto Belgium Tour.
    Also Shelly Olds for her Spanish win. Hope that the Vuelta and the Tour de France give the ladies a better racing deal in future events and that the less well known teams get more confidence and don,t just sit in the bunch and let the bigger budget teams dictate things.Get to the front ladies and show your jerseys you never know you may get to like it up there.
    Oh and congrats to Lizzie A. On her engagement.
    Stephanie Pohl took the GC win in the womens tour of Ireland well done.Julie Leth finished well coming back from her bad accident earlier in the year.
    Thanks for all the coverage.


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