First-look review: Bodie’z Protein Water

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The team behind Bodie’z Protein Water claim their product is “one of the most technologically advanced formulated supplementary sports products on the market”. In addition, the use of “highest quality whey protein isolate and ingredients” reportedly makes Bodie’z Protein Water a “revolution”.

The range contains two drinks:

– “Energise”: an orange-flavoured pre-workout drink which contains guarana, caffeine and 20 grams of whey protein isolate.
– “Build”: a kiwi- or berry-flavoured post-workout beverage which contains 30 grams of whey protein isolate.

Neither product contains preservatives, artificial colours or sweeteners. Both are also 99% sugar free and have a total of less than 1g of fat and carbohydrate.

For more information, see the Bodie’z Protein Water website.

RRP: $20 for 3 x 500ml bottles; $140 for a mixed case of 24 x 500ml bottles

Our take:

The way these drinks look — colourful and mostly clear — you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re for use during exercise, replacing your electrolyte drink of choice. Instead they’re supposed to be consumed before exercise (in the case of “Energise”) and after exercise (in the case of “Build”). Despite being low in sugar these beverages still taste pleasantly sweet, and the flavour and texture of them all, while slightly different, is reminiscent of a lemon and honey drink one might have while feeling sick.

The “Build” product is meant to be consumed in lieu of a traditional post-ride protein shake and actually contains more protein than many such beverages. With 30g of protein, the Build has nearly twice as much protein as the Etixx Recovery Shake (17g), for example.

The cost of Bodie’z Protein Water is likely to be a turn-off for many consumers — the sample pack has each bottle costing more than $6.50 and even when buying in bulk you’ll still need to pay more than $5.80 per bottle.

That said, this cost does include free shipping to every Australian state and territory except Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

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