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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Derek Maher

    Looks like a great replacement solution.Nothing more annoying than a bike with the creak syndrome.

  • Steve G

    I have them on all my carbon bikes now. I have a set of their delrin derailleur jockeys in one RD and the titanium ones in another.
    Bart is straightforward to deal with and makes a top product. I love their stuff.


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    • Tom Galbraith

      Did you simply email Bart? I am very interested as my CAAD10 does not agree with the recommended Praxis Works BB30, creaks like an old barn.

      • Steve G

        Yep, simply emailed him. Super easy to deal with. Postage takes a while though.
        Never had a creak since using his bottom brackets.

        • Just had word from C-Bear that they will be offering our readers free delivery until mid-October.

          • Steve G

            That is an amazing deal.
            I sound like an advertising bot with this stuff, but I promise I’m not!
            I’ve had one of their BB’s in a BB86 (BMC SLR02) for, I think it’s over a year now (maybe more) and I’ve never serviced anything and barely cleaned the bike. I had to take the cranks out the other day and before I did, I gave them a spin, and they just keep turning.
            I want a set of their full ceramic jockey wheels now; just because!

          • Jonathan

            Thank you for placing this post Matt.

            I’ve been running a Cannondale stock ‘Super Six’ frame of eight years. Being pestered by creaky BB30 bearings I’m
            constantly on a ‘look out’ for a stronger bottom bracket solution removing the need for press fit BB30 bearings (every 6 months) and circlips to hold in place.
            After reading your post I contacted C-Bear last week, then received a response the same day from Bart. Because I’m running a Rotor 3D+ chainset they offer an external BB30 bottom bracket cup & bearing (without the full sleeve) to press fit into the frame. I wonder if any has picked up on C-Bear and ordered these to? I’ll be ordering a set in the New Year along with a pair of jockey wheels. The internet is awash with dis-satisfied BB30 bearing-Cannondale Owners, they make great frames but their insistence on adding their internal adapter for the bearings to sit in, is maddening. I hope this could be a perminant fix! Fingers X

    • I’ve switched to a C-Bear bottom bracket and don’t regret it for a second, because:

      – C-Bear uses precision CNC-manufactured aluminum cups, increasing accuracy and decreasing flex or movement;
      – C-Bear design puts the bearing almost against the crank arms, for optimal stiffness and power transfer;
      – C-Bear eliminates the use of spacers, adapters or reducers, so no glue or loctite is needed;

  • Winky

    It’s kind of sad that the drive for lower manufacturing cost and higher margins has resulted in so many of these sub-par press-fit set-ups in the first place. It is one area where the durability and serviceability has really gone backwards as bikes have become more modern.


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017