First-look review: Pro Cycling Trumps 2015 edition

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Pro Cycling Trumps cards first emerged in 2014, paying homage to the best riders in the elite men’s peloton with a simple yet appealing art style and a quick and easy game to play among friends. We reviewed the cards back in December but since then the team behind them has expanded the range of decks available.

In addition to an updated men’s edition with some new riders and updated stats for 2015, the team at Pro Cycling Trumps has also released a deck showcasing the best riders of the women’s peloton and a Legends deck, which features some of the biggest names in the history of the sport.

For more information visit the Pro Cycling Trumps website.

RRP: All decks £7.99 (AU$ 17.30) + postage and handling

Our take:

As we noted in our first review, it’s the art design of Pro Cycling Trumps that’s the real drawcard. The illustrations are deliberately minimalistic but subtle differences in hairstyles, for example, ensure the riders all look different while still reminiscent of their real-life counterparts.

It’s great to see the women’s peloton given equal footing as the men, with a deck dedicated specifically to the best female riders in the world. As you might expect, there are plenty of Australians within the deck.

The stats for each rider (their abilities in time trials, one day races, climbing, sprint and GC) seem slightly less representative of riders’ real-world abilities in some cases, more so than in the men’s deck. Sprinter Mel Hoskins, for example, might be a little upset at being given 66 out of 100 for her sprinting ability!

It’s fun to rifle through the Legends deck to see which riders have been included and how they’ve been illustrated. Great attention to detail has been paid here too, with the Legends appearing in their most famous kits.

The question we had when opening the deck was: will Lance Armstrong be in here? The answer is that he is, but his scores for GrandTour stage wins, time trial ability, climbing ability and GC prowess have all been crossed out.

The Pro Cycling Trumps game remains simple and, to us, not hugely engaging. However, we’d happily buy these cards for the charming artwork alone and for the fact that they do a great job of honouring the sport’s best athletes, past and present.

As a bonus: be sure to check out the @procycletrumps Twitter account for great animations relevant to recent races. Like this one from the Road World Championships:

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