First-look review: RedWhite bibshorts

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Established 2014, RedWhite may be a young company but they’ve concentrated on doing one thing well. In this instance, it is a mid-priced all-day bibshort. Based in Singapore, RedWhite’s design team diligently experimented with a multitude of designs, fabrics and manufacturers before settling on the final product, which they named, simply, “the BIBS”.

The BIBS are made in Romania with material sourced from MITI in Italy and Hungary while the padding is made in Croatia. RedWhite opts to use fabric that is rich in nylon for the BIBS because it is softer on the skin, offers greater compression, and is more resistant to abrasion. However, nylon is unsuitable for sublimation printing, hence the simple black finish.

RedWhite accepts that the majority of cyclists are not pencil-thin like the pros, and so allow some room for a protruding gut. Thus, an extra panel is incorporated into the BIBS below the navel that can expand without affecting the fit of the rest of the shorts. Flatlock stitching is used throughout the BIBS and the leg hems are finished with a wide polyester/elastane gripper backed with silicone microdots.

Finally, the BIBS use a plush insert that is created with a low temperature “thermic moulding” process. It’s a process that protects the integrity of the foam layers, and as a result, the padding is more resilient, offers greater breathability, and is able to maintain its shape for longer.

The BIBS are available in four sizes (S-XL) and one colour (black) through RedWhite’s online store. For more information visit RedWhite.

RRP: US$150 (AU$193) with free worldwide shipping.

Our Take:

From the first moment I pulled on these bibs, I was convinced RedWhite had hit their mark with perfection. The nylon rich fabric is soft and stretchy, providing the kind of fit that I’ve experienced with Castelli’s Free Aero bibshorts. Thus, the fabric wraps the legs, hips and torso with ease, providing a sure hold without ever being firm or constrictive. The same applies to the braces while the wide leg-grippers work perfectly, providing more of the same sure hold without any discomfort.

The padding is the thickest I’ve ever encountered. Of course, it is possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to fitting it all in between your legs, but RedWhite has sculpted the insert with enormous care. Indeed, part of the insert has been cut out at the front of the shorts and replaced with much thinner fabric that provides a nice pocket for the wedding tackle.

There is no sense of excess, just plush luxury that persists for the entire ride. There is a downside though: the extra material adds significantly to the saddle height. I found I had to drop my saddle a couple of millimetres to preserve my ideal saddle height.

Overall, the BIBS are well suited to long rides, the perfect garment to save for the weekend when there is enough time to do them justice.

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