• Michele

    Pfff fractured navicular. Soft.
    Seriously … I’m not a physio, but judging where that bone sits in the foot. No wonder he was in so much pain yesterday.
    Might be a tiny bone, but I reckon that’s gotta hurt every pedal stroke he does.
    Wonder if Oleg might say sorry on twitter today. Joking: as if.

  • ed

    not a lot of spare skin to protect those bones of his.
    he should release his PM data to show the imbalance between his left and right just to proove his injuries

    • Michele


    • Neuron1

      Stages power meters only record left crank power and extrapolate the data to total power. Minus of course 6% for non- round chainrings.

  • zeresh geresh

    Small yet very important bone , in HORSES it makes them not functioning, have respect for Froomie suffering .

    • Superpilot

      What about spiders? Yes, r e s p e c t..

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Poor bike handling or was this crash caused by someone/something else? Far from a Froome/SKY fan but hate to see any competitors out of a race due to injury.

    • Phil Hall

      If you close you eyes a watch the video very closely you can clearly see the entire “johnny foreigner” peloton ganging up on plucky little Brit Chris and forcing him off the road and into the fence and wall. Scoundrels.

  • Kendb001

    Good ridden…. Hope you did not break your inhaler in the neutral zone!

    • Connor

      Ah yes, the nasty little troll raises his/her warty little head once again. And please learn to spell…I presume at Troll High School the ability to communicate insults (however petty and poorly constructed they may be) is rather essential no?

      • Kendb001

        What makes you so special, must have a tiny penis!

      • Kendb001

        Peckerwood! Your an doping enabler !


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