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  • Derek Maher

    Thanks for writing about this growing sport Kristen.Looks like some good fun can be had .
    Regarding the real food,I would advise against chicken sandwiches and similar if the weather is warm or hot as they can have negative results.

  • winkybiker

    That Norco is one ugly bike. I’m in the market for a bike with similar functionality, but that one makes me want to puke my guts up, sir.

    • Except for the tri bars, I love it!

      • Winky

        Naah. Too bright, too slopey. Ugly wheels, bizzare seatpost. Weird bent chainstays don’t help. The crap strapped to it just makes it worse.

        • Dave

          I looked at that and wondered if it had been in a major crash.

  • Chris

    After going head first over my handlebars on my CX, those aerobars would have collected my jatz crackers on the way through. No thanks!!

    • Dave

      That’s why it’s in the women’s section!

      • Chris

        I’m transgender. I’m allowed to read both!

  • Sean parker

    So the frame colour doesn’t coordinate with your rapha cap and it has ‘ugly’ accoutrements like waterbottles, spares, foodbag and aerobars for a 200km gravel race…

    Bikes aren’t for leaning up against cafe walls.

    • Winky

      I never said it wasn’t a good bike for the job at hand, just that it has been hit hard by the ugly stick. Even without the accessories.

      • Sean parker

        A bike that is perfect for the job at hand is a good looking bike. That’s because bikes are for purposeful riding – unless your riding is dawdling on a custom fixy to the cafe, that is.

        The innovations that make the bike ‘ugly’ are innovations that make the bike perfect for the job at hand,
        Sloping tube: clearance
        Chainstays,: vertical compliance
        Hydro shifters & discs: slowing down in mud

        perhaps you would consider that the rider would look prettier on a 1970s Gios but she wouldn’t be winning any races.

        • Winky

          The clearance from the extreme TT slope is far more than is necessary. This isn’t technical single track where the rider may be dabbing and paddling the bike over some obstacles. The bent chainstays are perhaps to reduce chainslap, rather than for “compliance”, but yes I guess they may add function. Or are a gmmick. Either way. The discs look OK and are functional (but I remain somehwat perplexed and concerned by reports of extremely short pad life in wet weather on gravel). The colour is not to my taste, but doesn’t affect performance.

          There are bikes every bit as effective for the task that are far less ugly. Like this. (OK, the wheels on the Scott are a little OTT)


          • Sean parker

            ‘The clearance from the extreme TT slope is far more than is necessary.’ Not if the rider has short legs. And I think that there is a reasonable risk of a rider on a gravel road hitting a patch of *ahem* … gravel (or washouts, or corrugations..), so maybe a quick dismount or slide out is worth preparing for…


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