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  • Jordan

    I’m only 14 but have been trying to find a good coach/ team to ride with. I’ve been riding for a year or so with several groups. I would like to enter some road/ criterium events and was wondering what I should do next. I normally ride 47 miles a day in about 3 sometimes 4 hrs.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Where do you live, Jordan? Are you part of a team or club?

  • jules

    great article. a coach can do so much more for your cycling than a new bike or riding kit. another consideration is along the lines of what you want from a coach – how do your goals align? some coaches are very performance-oriented and you may want that if you are aiming high and want someone who will keep you honest, whereas that could be uncomfortable and annoying if your goals are more modest. is a coach flexible, or do they prefer to coach a certain type of rider/athlete?

    * I’m not a coach – take with a grain of salt

  • Derek Maher

    Good points raised in this article,I see the UCI are now running a full pro coaching course for women at their Swiss headquarters.It costs a good bit.But it includes full room and board.Might be a good chance for a woman who wants to take it up as a full time job ?.

  • erick

    I cant find any coach here in my country im 15 and i want to be a pro cyclist >.< i dont know if i will still persue my dream :3


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