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  • Derek Maher

    Excellent stage win by Landa,Pity he has been recruited by another team for next season.
    Uru was in great climbing form to take the red jersey.
    Sad to see all the accidents the motor bike one being the worst.

  • Whammy

    I can almost foresee the next secret pro article after this display from Astana.

    • Neuron1

      Should be an interesting future post. If it were the team in black and blue instead of all blue, the whole marginal gains mantra would be repeated ad nauseum and what a bunch of great fellows the Team Sky boys are. And if Landa weren’t signed to Sky for next year the written assaults would be deafening, or at least eye fatiguing.

      Despite Froome’s mishap Sky should be elated. They, in effect, placed first,third and seventh today. And had Froome not crashed they would have likely swept the podium. I doubt Landa would have been able to stay away from the Sky bots toiling up the mountains at 5.9 watts/kg one after another and peeling off with military precision. The potential however for the coming years is astounding.

  • Andy B

    Nice ride by Boswell In his first grand tour!


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February 18, 2017
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