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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • Winky

    Just fantastic. He who dares, wins. Well deserved.

    • Dave

      Big lesson for the Aussies there – go all in or go home.

  • Rm

    I had a massive smile on my face as he crossed the line. Absolutely magic.
    And he has really matured with his post race speech. I also loved that he threw his helmet, Oakleys and gloves into the cheering crowd. New rainbow kit baby!!

    Bling did so well to take 2nd. No shame in coming 2nd to an attack like that.

    • jakub

      Even bigger moment for me was Tom Boonen with a big smile (and the rest of peloton) congratulating Sagan immediately after crossing the finish line. That was perhaps even more emotive than the win itself (and I am Slovak!). Pure class and sportsmanship.

      • muz

        Boonen looked genuinely stoked for Sagan which like you say, was very very cool.

      • Winky

        There was one ‘murkan rider crossing the line soon after who didn’t share the joy. Not sure who it was, but he looked like someone had just killed his puppy.

        • Anonymous Yank

          Brent. Looked more to me like just being totally empty than dead puppy. Tom was farther back, but YMMV. Tom did did seem to be handing a little of the reins over with his playful finger-pointing. And quite a classy and sportsmanship move by one of our current legends.

          • Winky

            You’re likely right. I can’t imagine being too chipper after a race like that. Classy attitude from Boonen.

    • Anonymous Yank

      Sagan's glasses were picked up by 15 year old junior racer Gentry Jefferson. #Richmond2015 pic.twitter.com/KT5okiobX2— Brad Sohner (@bradsohner) September 27, 2015

    • Andy B

      I think he would have given his bike away too if had the chance :)

      • Mick

        He just about did when he crossed the line. If the steward was not there it would have gone flying… Love the passion he has for cycling!

  • steeds

    So glad i stayed up to watch this live :) great race, great finish, great champion!

  • muz

    Awesome attack, and a nice ‘shut the fuck up Oleg’ as well.

    Would have been nice if they’d showed the sprint for 2nd or is that asking too much…

    • Oops

      Yeh they dropped the ball on that one abit.

      • Dianne Bostic

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      • anonymousktvz

        because they were showing peter’s celebrations… showing a replay would not have been out of the question however

  • Roberj4

    Oleg Tinkoff eat your shorts!,,,,

  • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

    Classic Sagan – power sprint on the final climb & increase the small gap on technical downhill. Just like in his breakthorug Paris-Nice back in 2010.

  • Anonymous Yank

    Much enjoyed the race and the winner.

    Sagan threw everything to the fans at the finish. But even before ghost-riding the bike, you will notice he quickly removed his power meter and put it in his back pocket. This guy is a genetic wonder/freak. And I hope he NEVER releases his power data.

    I’m a big LeMond and people often ask me why. My retort is always that Greg could do anything on a bike at any time he wanted to do in any race. Sagan is like that too. I like the mystery of never knowing just how good Sagan is and I’m glad he quickly secured his power meter.

    He’s my kind of rider! Classy. Full of panache. And respectful of our wonderfully beautiful sport.

  • Sean

    Well done deciphering the post race interview with Sagan, because when I was watching all I could think was ‘what the @#*$ was he on about?’
    Apart from that it was a great ride, great personality, and had me in stitches busting out the Wolf of Wall Street chest pump on the podium – Had me humming along!

    • anonymousktvz

      the key words were “Europe” and “Problems” and “Change” in case you didn’t catch it

  • Tim Ashton

    GvA and EBH sure were stuffing around just after the descent where Sagan extended his gap. Also, Matthews in second and Gerrans in 6th….maybe someone should have been working for the other to bring it back together…..

    Happy to see Sagan take the big one day win. And the method which he did it. In san remo this year, after getting a small gap 3km from the finish he sat up and waited for the sprint. Today gets the gap and powers away solo.

  • MikeP

    Great win by Sagan! However, I think the key point that people are missing is….

    How can they fit more colours onto that Saxo national champ kit?

  • jules

    ridiculous that he just rode away from the field like that. what a beast. “i attacked at the right time” – I’m going to have to remember that one – a couple of km to go, easy :)

    Bling unhappy with Gerro it seems. I wonder if that’s fair – was it really up to Gerro to bring Sagan back? that will make for an interesting 2016 at OGE if the feelings keep simmering..

    • Dave

      Completely ridiculous attitude from Bling, surely he’s been around long enough to know Gerrans would literally ride a trailer hooked up to the rider in front if the UCI rules said he could.

  • 900Aero

    Check out this clip showin Sagan pulling his cleat out while making that cruicial break. I don’t think the TV caught this.

    Well done to Matthews BTW – tough to be a marked sprinter in a quality bunch like that, he and the Aussie team rode a great race for our second consecutive silver.

    • Sean Doyle

      I saw the unclip in one of the videos I saw. Wondered what was going on as I only saw him getting back on the power after looking down.

    • Winky

      How exactly did the ‘strayan team ride a “great race”? In the race I was watching they may as well not have even been there.

      • 900Aero

        I agree – I think they rode clever and quiet. Only pulled when they needed to and then delivered Matthews. The final bunch was a pretty reduced peloton and most of the Aussie team were still there through those last climbs. Just my take though.

        • Winky

          Only HH was still there. Not sure when Hansen was dropped. No-one else.

      • Todd!

        Arm chair experts. 2nd and 6th against the cream of The world is a pretty great result. Yeah it’s not a win, but it’s a medal. It proves why we know about Michael Mathews. I think it was a great result. Better than last year.

        • nicklothian

          It was really only marginally better than last year:

          2015: 2nd Matthews, 6th Gerrans
          2014: 2nd Gerrans, 14th Matthews.

          I haven’t seen enough of the race, but I’m not sure they could have done much when Sagan went. There was an Australian near the front when he attacked, but only the Belgians had the numbers at the front when they went over the top of that first hill. That was the only chance there was to close it down, but with GVA off the front (and no race radios) they were never going to work.

          I think the Italians and the Germans would be much more disappointed.

        • Winky

          Of course it’s a great result. Better than last year, and, as you say, against the best in the world. But not if you had a chance to win. If “gerro” had been able to follow EBH and GVA, then there could have been at least two working to bring back Sagan. Catch him and it might have all come back together. Of course, “bling” then has to finish it off, but at least there’s a chance. Instead, “gerro” was looking out for himself, EBH sat up for Kristoff, bickered with GVA and the race was lost. Norway’s tactics were worse than ‘straya, but neither country really got it right, IMO.

          (And I still stand by my statement that the ‘strayan team contributed nothing to the race)

          • Todd!

            There can only be one winner… What about… What about… Sagan won. He raced it exceptionally well and launched a blistering attack at the perfect time and held everyone off. Anyone who didn’t win missed the opportunity. Period.

            Aussie, Norway, Italy, Spain, Belgium, what about the US!?! It was their home race advantage!?! That’s bike racing. That’s what keeps us coming back.

      • Mick

        Maybe you should watch the final lap. There is barely enough room for more than a single file up Lizzy’s Hill and the decent from there is fast and with a few technical corners before the hill that Sagan attacked on. Very little chance for teams to re-organise. I think it was just a very well planned attack by Sagan. Not much any team could do.

        • Allez Rouleur

          Um, was at the second corner of Libby Hill all day on Sunday. They rode 3 wide through there for most of the day. Sure, if you want to pick your line you need single-file, but that rode is definitely wide enough for a few rides across, like 3-4, which is how they rode it for most of the race. 23rd Street, where Sagan put in his final attack…now that is narrow, a bit tighter than Libby Hill. Still, wide enough for 2-3 though.

          Sagan’s attack on 23rd Street Hill was massive and the only chance to get him back would have been to reel him in right away. Letting him descend on his own…too much space to get him on Governor’s Hill.

      • Dave

        Classic Orica stage race tactics. Placing guys in the first group might be a worthy objective in a week-long race or the first week of a GT if you’re trying to defend a leader’s jersey gained through time bonuses or a TTT win.

        This was not a stage race though, this was the World Championship Road Race. If you’re not first, you’re last.

        Time for a Chinese Wall between Orica and the national team. The national team needs management who understand winner-takes-all events where there are no leaders jerseys or bonus seconds.

        • Common Wombat

          The AUS team director was Brad McGee who has ZERO links with OGE. Post racing, he was a DS at Saxo Bank but is now head coach at NSWIS.
          DO think White & co need to settle matters between Gerrans & Matthews. Whilst I think they were both too far back at the top of the final climb to make any meaningful move at Sagan; things need to be sorted for the future. Mind you, its not as if AUS are orphans in having these issues arise; think SPA with Valverde/Rodriguez, BEL with Gilbert/GVA.
          Gerrans contract expires end of 2017 when he’ll be 37 and it would surprise if he goes any longer. Matthews is now one of the focal points of the team and whilst he’s clearly up for a significant pay rise I doubt he’ll find a better team environment. With sensible attitude on all sides, this can be sorted and there be minimal if any cross-over of race schedules.

  • Michael Sproul

    Awesome, I must have changed my mind about whether he was actually going to win or not about 43 times in the run up! I thought it was a mark of a truly great guy the fact he mentioned the troubles in the world before his race win too, it was pretty obvious what he was trying to say and chapeau to him for saying it.

  • Michael O’Connor

    Fantastic win – but the bit that makes me smile the most is that this was his biggest win to date and he wasn’t even in the Tinkoff kit – It’s like a small ‘fu’ to Oleg.

    • anonymousktvz

      i was just thinking the same thing, it’s like Peter’s own power for his own purposes. Oleg must appear satisfied because its one of the biggest races of the year, but he can never use the shots for the advertising he wants etc.

      With Olympics next summer its entirely possible (depending on the course) that Peter could make the two biggest victories of his career thus far, the only two high-profile international and decommercialized events that exist! Considering his intriguing victory speech i think that’s kind of the way Sagan thinks anyway.

  • Paolo Zilio

    Sagan n 1.. Cycling needs a guy like him! He truly loves the sport, he brings loads of fun and excitement, whether he’s racing or not.. Think of Vale Rossi in MotoGP or Bode Miller..
    We’ve had enough of scientific training, performance data, robot-like riding!

  • Tawny Frogmouth

    “Andre Greipel was doing huge turns at the front, sacrificing his chances for John Degenkolb.”
    What a TEAM mate!

    • Allez Rouleur

      Hell yeah…Greipel was so gassed he came up Libby Hill with a few other Germans WAY behind the head of the race on the final lap. I was almost cheered out and then I was like, “Holy shit, that’s Greipel going by.” I was at the barriers on the 2nd corner of Libby’s Hill.

      • anonymousktvz

        My mom said the same thing, she was like “I saw Andre Greipel, I saw Andre Greipel”… it was so hard to pick out individual riders half the time, we were on governors, my liquigas-cannondale Slovakia jersey got on tv at least once though which was awesome

  • Derek Maher

    Peter Sagan is the Man.Brilliant win.

  • Dave Clark

    “Sagan’s glasses were picked up by 15 year old junior racer Gentry Jefferson”

    Now THAT’S cool, I bet the kid was stoked. A great win by a great rider, and a great new front man for the sport. I appreciated his message re immigrant upheaval in Europe-good for him.


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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017