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  • Michele

    What great photos …

    Couple of favs … love the one of Lizzie Armitstead by herself on the podium. The dam looks like it is just about to burst [again]. Beautifully captured.

    Boy, Boonen does love his cobbles. Facial expression is brilliant.

    Plus – as mentioned elsewhere .. love the genuine happiness Boonen shows for Sagan. Classy stuff.

    CT … are you saying that we should shave our legs if we’re competing in a WC ITT??

    And how about a spoiler alert for the experiment Tony Martin undertook? I guess I don’t need to try that now. :)

    Thanks CT. A great wrap up.

  • jules

    I like the photo of Lotto boys post TTT. they look properly buckled..

  • muz

    Boonen looks like he’s been on wiggo’s diet and has 3% body fat!

    Is it just me that thinks Coppels jaw is abnormally HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE? (and the angle above doesn’t even show it properly)

    • Michele

      I have no idea what you’re talking about ???

      My immediate reaction when I first saw Jerome.

      BTW – proton pills are not PEDS, so nothing to worry about.

  • No Fluff Please

    I will never make it to this level of riding. But if I did I would make sure everything was dialed including legs !!

  • HOW BLOODY GOOD IS BOONEN!! and Sagan – the first peoples champ since The Rock won King of the Ring vs. Triple H in 2000.

    • Dianne Bostic

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    • Gabriel Constantin

      I hope that doesn’t make sense to at least one other guy. Completely lost.

      • C.mon mannnnn… WWE (WWF) The Rock was the self proclaimed “People’s Champ”

        • Gabriel Constantin

          So wresling? Of some sort? I hope it’s at least the real fighting, bloody version, not the dramatic, low or no impact circus.

  • Simon

    The women on the podium that won the TTT need better designed shorts. “Midnight at the oasis, send your camel to bed…..”

    • Nick Clark

      You’ve obviously never seen a mens podium…

    • MMAster

      I hate to disappoint you…you are looking at a crease in the chamois. Yes it does look like a cameltoe, but save your tissues…it’s not

  • Chris Carpenter

    Who is that UCI official at the end. There’s Sagan trying to suck it all in, celebrate and realise that he’s World Champion and the fella in the orange coat is trying to get him to go somewhere. The same guy did the same thing to Cav when he won in Copenhagen.

    • Gabriel Constantin

      Sagan should have slapped him silly for intervening in such manner between him and his girl. It looked like the chaperone was feeling her breasts.

    • muz

      He looked like a right knobend. ‘Excuse me Mr Sagain, I’m the official here, you are not, under any circumstances, allowed to walk back down the course’!

      But have you ever been in a race where there is a guy wearing a UCI badge? From what I’ve seen of them you have to be a special type of person to want to wear one of those shirts.

      (plenty of low level races are nationally sanctioned so have those types which is where I’ve come across them)

  • MadBlack

    Should have used a lower grid sandpaper, I reckon!

  • kamileq

    Instead of Agnieszka Slankiak should be Agnieszka SKALNIAK (Poland) :)


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