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  • jon

    That finish….So exciting to watch; the speed and the pace was neck breaking! Seeing athletes achieving such feat always gets to me emotionally. Super stoke for the winner!

  • ceedee

    Another poor show from Australia. Time to clear house.

    • Dave

      Not surprising given the lack of depth at senior level.

      I suspect the big problem is that the chase for junior glory is stunting our cyclists’ growth. How many of the girls who have had success at U19 level go on to do well at elite level?

      It’s not just cycling where the AIS system is burning out young athletes instead of producing sustained success. Look at cricket for example, many of the guys who win U19 World Cups will go into the AIS/CA program and then get stuck at Sheffield Shield level.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      It may not be evident in the highlights but Australia was great. One of the most aggressive teams out there today, throwing and countering attacks and getting two riders in the breakaway. They didn’t get the result they wanted by it was a very promising showing of what’s to come.

      • Robert Merkel

        From what I saw, the Australian team was well-organized and gave it everything they had, so absolutely full credit to the riders who left it all out on the road. With a bit of luck going their way that break could have stuck and they were in the box seat for a medal.

        However…the fact is that the best we have can’t quite match it with the best in the world in a tough finale, even after a comfortable ride in the peloton.

        There are a lot of good juniors coming through the AIS and NRS at the moment, hopefully one or two of them will turn out to be world-beaters. If and when that happens, they’ll have a solid group to support them.

        Also, Katrin Garfoot has had an excellent week. Hopefully there’s more to come from her as she continues to learn about riding in the European peloton.

    • Tricky Dicky

      That seems a very harsh assessment. I thought the Australian team made the race to be honest, Neylan in particular who’s had a pretty shitty few weeks on the personal front. That said, I really wish SBS commentary would be a bit less “Aussie Aussie Aussie”: one of the reasons I love cycling is we respect and enjoy watching riders from all kinds of places doing well. I would have liked a bit more in why the Germans and the Dutch were chasing their own teammates, for example.

      Putting that to one side, the top 10 was pretty damn impressive and the winner has been the stand-out rider all year: Lizzie A completely bossed that last few kms. I thought it was a pretty good race. I couldn’t quite figure out why the breakaway folded like a cheap suit near the end but I guess it was a bit dysfunctional.

      • Byron

        I can answer why the Dutch chased their own teammate. Van der Breggen said that they (Pieters and the other Dutchies in the peloton) could see each other on several parts of the course, and Pieters signalled that that break wasn’t a good break for her. Which you could see, Pieters struggled to control it, and when the Dutch began to chase, Pieters wasn’t with the leading two. It was a 100% correct call.

        • Anne-Marije Rook

          You are correct. That’s exactly what Anna told me, too

    • Anonymous Yank

      Brother please. You guys have a great program with some great talent. Both boys and girls. Grow up. If you do clear the house, we’ll offer many of ’em passports if they’d like.

    • ceedee

      Maybe I’m being harsh. But time and time again Australian women are not getting results at World Champs and Olympics. But maybe problem is at grass roots in Australia. In my club (and many others) women racers are still novelty.

  • mr Pernickety

    Crowed or “Crowned”?

  • starsky

    Great race but the female commentator ruined it for me. Yeah we get it you know everything about the Aussie girls and how hard they’ve worked. Much credit to them, they raced a great race. But please ease up a bit on the Aussie bias and bravado, pleas focus more on the race and what ALL the riders are doing.

    If it was her first attempt at calling a race then fair enough, take this as constructive criticism but i often found myself turning the volume down.

    • Anonymous Yank

      I’m an American and I watched the SBS coverage. Your homers were my best option this go around.

      Would your rather have senile Phil doing it? Or Kirby droning on and yelling in the final km? Or that dolt (and doper) CVDV, like we sometimes have in the U.S.? Even Jens sucks on T.V., just ask us American how well he worked out on our over produced TdF coverage this year.

      If you really just want to watch good racing, you watch SPORZA. But since words seem to really matter to you more that just watching the racing, you’d probably hate listening to Dutch more than you hate your Aussie homers. Homers, that I really didn’t think did a half bad job. Besides, that female commentator that ruined it for you has actually won a rainbow jersey. And your commercial breaks are small and infrequent so you can watch the race and the flow of the race. That’s what us REAL fans watch. The racing.

      Be careful what you wish for. AUS has some of the best cycling sports coverage in the developed world. The undeveloped world has Chris Froome!

      • We have it very good here compared to other places. The grass is definitely no greener elsewhere.

      • icepro

        Eurosport coverage was (is) awesome, and I thought the Aussies did well. However, we have to get out of this, we were bad attitude, and respect our opponents, they did well, accept it.
        Was disappointed with Lizzie in post race interview, where she thanked Anna for her leadout. #noclass

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  • Derek Maher

    Well done to the podium girls.Now the race was exciting in many parts with attacks going off the front.
    However I was really annoyed at that 9 woman break over a minute up with 12 Ks to go and apart from the Polish girl who showed some racing honour the rest were a disgrace.Constantly sitting up and looking back for their team leaders and with 2 Aussies in that break they threw away the chance of the rainbow jersey.Okay the girls must have been riding to orders which tells us something about their managers attitude, Only the chosen one is allowed to race for the win.The world championships is about riding for your nation not a sponsered team and the result was a loss.Bet the German,Italian,French and Australian girls feel sick about what might have been.
    Rant over.Good news,Eurosport will be covering many more ladies races in 2016,also Vox will be working with the UCI to stream and produce loads more womens racing online.

  • Andy B

    Great Race to watch
    Loved the emotion shown by Armistead on the line ..it clearly means the world to her


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