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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Max

    What exactly is an Amateur World Champion anyway? I thought that stopped back in the 80s when there was a distinction enforced by the Olympics?

    • Dave

      And how come riders registered with UCI Continental teams are eligible for it?

      • Peta Mullens

        Riders registered for UCI Continental teams are NOT allowed to race the Amateur World Championships. However they are eligible to compete in qualification events, which is a great thing when they support a good cause :)

        • Holby City

          It’s a bit unfair in a way because they are taking spots that could have otherwise be filled by amateurs like me. But it was also great to be riding alongside you Peta in the Australian colours! For the record I missed qualifying by a couple of places :-(

          • Peta Mullens

            I can see what you mean Holby but it is lovely for us to also be able to ride for Amy. On this occasion there were only two riders (myself and Brendan Canty) who are ineligible for the World Championships.

            • Holby City

              It was great to be able to ride on your wheel until halfway up Skenes!

              • Peta Mullens

                Well I apologise for being so messy Holby City!

                • Holby City

                  Messy? I couldn’t hold the pace up Skenes.
                  Anyway, as long as you and Canty are excluded from qualifying calculations then it’s great that you were able to ride with us all for Amy. Was a truly great day and I’ll be back again next year.
                  Keep up the great riding Peta!

    • Peta Mullens

      I describe it as the ‘Masters World Championships’ with an ‘Amatuer’ 19-34 year age group. Of course professionals are unable to compete.

  • Jimmy Millers

    It was a great race riding the Great Ocean Rd fully close but the last 10km climb destroyed me.

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    What a great weekend! Not to mention Amy’s Wall – a well run event. Non-stop action for a good hour. Curious how there were a few single rider heats. A beaut warm up to the next day. Thanks and congratulations to all involved in both events, including to Lorne – their town was swamped!

  • Notso Swift

    Missed it this year for the first time (it is tough in France at the moment)
    But how tough has this become, first year i did 6.30 (which was a good time back then in the 40 group) but now as a Vet how the F does any one compete with Tom! (Actually, that is the same any other weekend when he comes along…)

    One year it will be blowing from the South West, that will be carnage

  • Ralph

    I didn’t realise this was now a race? While it was nice to see the fawning over BC as the winner I saw scant mention of Ms Gillett or discussion of road safety. Getting away from its roots?

    • Robert Merkel

      It’s always been as much of a race as you want to make it. It’s always had prizemoney for first place finishers, and it’s always been a qualifying event for the Hubbard Masters World Championships.

      But you can go as fast or as slow as you like. I dragged myself to the line and later found out I’d finished one place ahead of one Robert Crowe. Pretty sure that if he wound it up to full pace I wouldn’t have :)

  • jules

    Canty, Stalder, Leaper – to those who say it shouldn’t be a race, well it’s not really with those guys entered ;)

  • J Czechowski

    It’s a curious distinction to make. For those suggesting that it shouldn’t be a race, how do you suggest that be enforced?
    It’s an event on fully closed roads. My bunch had 427 riders. There will always be faster and slower riders. There also will be some ex professionals.
    Surely it is about challenging yourself over the parcours. That will include riding in a bunch, or not as the case may be.
    For my part, the highlight of the ride was doing more than half of it with Phil Anderson and finishing immediately behind him.
    I’ve never done AGF before this year. It certainly won’t be my last. It’s the best ride I’ve done in many years!


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    • Anon N + 1

      “How would you suggest that [it] be enforced” that it is not a race?

      1. State at the time of registration and in all materials provided to participants “It is not a race.”
      2. Do not publish any times (if you want to know how long you took, look at your watch)
      3. Stagger the start.

      At a ride with several thousand participant that I rode earlier this year, the start was organised thusly:

      a. All riders were massed along the closed road just before the start
      b. The first 8 riders were placed on a starting grid
      c. When the horn sounded those 8 started and the count down for the next group began
      d. The next 8 riders moved onto the starting grid
      e. 20 seconds after one group left, the horn sounded again and the next 8 riders went out on the course.

      Thus it was nearly 3 hours before all the riders were on the course. But note that not all riders were going the same distance. Some rode over 200 km, some rode 130 km, some rode 100 km and some rode 40 km, so people riding shorter distances started later. There was transportation provided to get people riding shorter distances back to the start/finish area.


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017