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  • Winky

    That last PI pair are very strange. What is the idea with main fastening system being under the side pieces? I’ve not seen anything like it before. It’s odd that the review doesn’t mention this weirdness.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      The integrated boa lace is kind of a nice touch, actually. It’s PI’s attempt to minimize any possible hot spots

      • Winky

        Looking at the muddy first photo I now get how it works. The “fishing line” comes from the very edge of those side pieces. My fear would be that the dial would limit the closure, but I’m likely concerned by nothing.

  • Winky

    The bright green laces on those Giros look to be about 2 or 3 times as as long as they need to be. Any reason why?

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      The length of the laces once tightened will differ depending on the width and size of your feet. I am guessing the laces are once size among all shoe sizing. I have pretty small and narrow feet and therefore the laces are a bit long. Not too long to bother me though

  • Winky


  • Anon N + 1

    Taking into consideration black body radiation, I will not buy a dark shoe for summer use. In short, light-colored shoes will be cooler and, to avoid hot feet, preferred. Since I use the same shoe year-round, I will not buy a dark shoe at all. (In cold weather, I use dark shoe covers.)

  • Don Cafferty

    I was surprised that you tried the “same” size in all 3 brands as there can be discrepancy in sizing between brands. For example, Giro and Bontrager indicate that a Euro size 39 corresponds to a women’s US 7.5 whereas Pearl Izumi indicates that Euro 39 corresponds to a US 7. Giro and Bontrager also indicate that a size 39 Euro measures 250cm, which is useful information if you have measured the length of your bare foot in cm. Pearl Izumi does not provide this data. If you have measured the length of your foot and know your preference for the amount of room lengthwise in the toe box, half sizes give opportunity to fine tune the fit. For example, the Bontrager Euro 38.5 measures 247cm whereas the Giro 38.5 measures 245 cm. When I shop for shoes I rely on the sizing information shown in cm rather than the other measurements. Unfortunately, most brands provide no data about the width of their shoe and for me that is critical information. Nonetheless, a very good review and comparison. What you said about the arch support of the Giro Empire shoe reminded me of my experience with their arch support. I find that the high Giro arch support feels higher than other “high” insoles that I have so it may not be unusual that you find the low arch support to be higher than your expectation.

  • lowercasev

    Great article AM! I suffer from small foot syndrome. I need to ride a women’s specific shoe because as much as I would like to ride a matte black s-works number, they don’t make men’s shoes down to a 37. Personally I like to ride a slightly larger cycling shoe (usually a 36 dress shoe). I find riding a larger size and the extra length in the toe box that it provides makes for a more comfortable ride (your toes aren’t hitting the end of the shoe). I have found that different brands make different fits and widths, and once you find one that is right, you end up getting the same one each year! I’m all for a crisp white shoe… but you have to clean them daily. Nothing worse than dirty shoes!!!


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