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  • CC

    Wow, happy about a 2 year contract. I’d submit only a few riders have figured out (sagan, jens) the business they are really in – entertainment.

  • campbell dawson

    Lots of turnover in OGE this year. Is it budgets? or as Clarke mentions a change in direction?. Do the departing riders get a better deal or what kind of pay cuts do they need to take to get another ride

    • Dave

      OGE is getting serious, they’ll keep making funny videos but they also want to start getting genuine results on the board in big races.

      Clarke has been chased out of the team by the Yates twins and Chaves. Had he renewed, it would have been exclusively as a domestique instead of being given freedom to race for stage wins. Combined with having been there for four years already (too much loyalty is not a good thing) that’s very much a downgrade and not good for his future prospects if he did renew with OGE, so it was a case of now or never – much like Richie Porte who also needed to change teams while he still has some potential or face being pigeonholed as only a domestique.

      As for whether any of the departing riders will be getting a pay rise when they go elsewhere, that’s impossible to know for sure as there is no transparency in cycling. I wouldn’t expect many of them would be getting big raises, as none of them are going to the big money teams.

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