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Bringing your personal style to cycling doesn’t stop at picking out your bike or helmet. There are tons of ways to spice up your ride and your cycling gear to keep things interesting this season. A dab of colour here, a couple patterns there, and you’ll have a personalised cycling style like no other.

Bike accessories

  • Handlebar tape – Liven up your ride with some flashy handlebar tape. Choose a vibrant colour to brighten up a dull bike or add some texture with patterned tape. I love the Cinelli Caleido Eva Ribbon bar tape with rainbow eyelets for subtle but eye catching flair.
  • Bottle cages – Match your bottle cages with your bike’s paint scheme for a cohesive colour motif. Or get crazy by mixing and matching different colours for an abstract look. Either way, you’ll turn heads every time you ride through town.
  • Bell – Bells are the perfect combination of fashion and function. They are a cute way to add some personal style to your bike but they are also quite useful when riding on busy paths or roads.

Clothing style

  • Socks – With tons of patterns, colours, lengths, and graphics to choose from, socks offer up an easy way to display your different styles on a daily basis.
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  • CyclingcCap – Caps are another way to show off your changing style and taste from day to day. Wear a vintage team cap one ride and a futuristic graphic hat the next. Whatever your mood, there is probably a cap to match it perfectly.
  • Kit – A cycling kit is the most obvious way to share your personal style with the cycling community. Jerseys, shorts, jackets, and vest can all add to your decided look, whether that is fashionable and chic or funky and fun. Velocio’s green Breton Jersey is my favourite at the moment because of its bold colour and modern design.| Related: 2015 Kits tested and review – part two

Pro tip

  • Chris King bike parts – Want to really impress your cycling friends with beautiful bike details? Check out Chris King’s colourful assortment of headsets, bottom brackets, and hubs. Mix and match the colours for a rainbow look or keep it simple with one colour motif. Either way, you’re getting quality components that especially personalise your ride.


Tell us, what are your favourite accessories?


Kristen Legan is an athlete, writer and coach. She raced triathlon professionally from 2009-2013, but has since switched her focus to exclusively racing bikes. In 2012, she was one of six women to complete the entire Tour de France route as part of the Reve Tour. Living, training and working in Boulder, Colorado, Kristen coaches for APEX coaching and has a degree in Molecular Biology & Neurology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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