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  • Annie.

    Chris King is fab, but it’s not the only brand on the market. Also, you could buy parts that are special AND lightweight, like tune (and I’m sure, they’re not the only ones): http://www.tune.de/

    A – a bit rebellic kind of a -question to me is always, why it should be “my style” to wear exactly what all the others do: Brightly coloured socks and caps, matched handlebar wrap. I know, I know. It does look cool, doesn’t it?

    But strangely enough, it seems to be the standard solution for “individual” bikewear. I mean, I’m totally fine with it, but to me, it’s neither creative nor very special. “What else should we do?!”, I don’t know exactly, I’m not much of an expert with these things. But to me, there could be a whole lot more going regarding choice of helmet, glasses, gloves (so far underrated in my opinion), socks/overshoes (!), Buff/HAD. O, and jerseys and bibs, of course.

    Also, it doesn’t have to cost much to be good (that’s why I don’t have lightweight stuff on my bike, by the way… – not yet :P ).

    PS: I’m looking forward to the new product range of Sealskinz for the winter (as I’m one of the “form follows function” persons). It’s not out yet, but you can see parts of it on their FB page (Eurobike presentation video clip): Bright coloured gloves, matching waterproof socks…

  • Spider

    I really like the Wiggle DHB Blok designs for women….they look great and are really well priced as well….I’m surprised I haven’t seen any bella donnas wearing them (obviously not riding in the right circles!)

    • elidajjones

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    • Jessi Braverman

      We just reviewed the DHB Blok line. We love it, too! https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/08/2015-kits-tested-and-review-part-two/


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