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  • Derek Maher

    Great video.I loved the teams attitude between the stages and they sure got a great result.
    Thanks to the film crew and producer for putting this together.

  • DamSarahDam

    Loving the videos thank you for making these Mr>challenge Films and Cyclingtips Ella for sharing.
    I am puzzled why they all ride different bikes, do they not have a bike sponsor, are they not allowed to have a bike sponsor?


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  • Jessy Vee

    More people need to watch this video.

    They race with such ferocity and passion, and half of them are still just learning the ropes! What amazing women. It surprises me (and yet, doesn’t surprise me) as the ‘National Team’ that they’re all just sitting outside a small van on camping chairs. It feels more like a local crit than a big European women’s race… And compare that to the professional (and pro conti) mens teams, and wow.

    Great racing, though girls. I wish you huge success with future races, the Worlds (the Aussie women’s team looks SO strong), and getting more funding so you can travel in comfort and just focus on racing.

    • Derek Maher

      Nice post Jessy,In a way the camp chairs and van and the women enjoying themselves comes across well,Compared to the ultra business image of the top mens pro teams where its all about money and prima donna,s scowling for the camera,s and the constant spreading of rumours doing down other teams and riders.The womens pro racing is a breath of fresh air.They come across as people who really love the sport.Of course one wants to see them get better rewards and more racing support I just hope they still keep the fun attitude.

      • Jessy Vee

        Definitely! I’m 100% for fairer rewards and race support. It WILL happen… eventually.

        Regarding the scowling and prima donna male pro’s, I don’t think that’s always the case. I’m an avid watcher of Orica Greenedge’s Backstage pass videos, and whilst they’ve got the full setup with the huge decked out bus and the mechanics truck etc, I think the riders are still pretty down to earth and they look like they’ve got the right attitude. That might be the Australian attitude however, because I’ve been privy to prima donna’s outside certain Italian buses at pro races!


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