• jules

    they are just trying to eliminate-recruit all of their opposition

    • icepro

      no different to any other professional sports outfit, actually no different to many companies out there. The game is winning, winning provides money and advertising for sponsors, money pays the bills. Athletes want to win races and titles, and there the twain shall meet.

    • Derek Maher

      Looks very like it Jules.Money rules.Don’t think we will see Mr Cookson pushing for a limit to team numbers anytime soon.

    • BMC never had much success with that strategy!

    • Dianne Bostic

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  • Ralph

    Huge signing.. well done Rupert

    • icepro

      If you dig deep enough, you’ll learn that the driver behind this sponsorship isn’t the Murdoch’s. But it is interesting that few comments are made about Gerry, or Oleg, got to have a bit of Brit bashing eh…


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