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  • muz

    That results sheet is astonishing! Kwiatkowski back in 77th. Dumoulin behind him.

    • It’s fascinating to look back. When I think back, five years ago seems like an eternity and most of these guys we’ve never heard of. I do remember keeping a close eye on Michael Matthews a couple years earlier though. I knew he was going to be something special.

      • muz

        Nearly half of the guys on that sheet are now pro (at a glancing count), probably would have been even more if so many teams hadn’t folded in the last few years.

        • Notice how Peter Sagan didn’t race the 2010 World Championships. However, he was winning races that year at 20yrs old with Liquigas.

          • Sean

            He would have taken a lap if he rode the u23 race that year.

          • Marc

            He did race the 2010 World Championships, but did the elite race, which he didn’t finish.

    • Sean

      Didn’t give a hoot who they were back then, who’d have thought Kwiatkowski and Dumoulin would develop into decent riders. It was a pretty amazing week to be in Geelong!

      • Jordan

        Lol, as a guy who races bikes as an amateur and got shelled pretty hard this past year at my u23 nats… they were already pretty decent riders. Haha. 3-4% makes a big difference at the top!! Suppose decent is all relative, but in my eye the not ‘decent’ guys don’t go to Worlds.

  • 900Aero

    My family and I were at the finish line in Geelong, it was a hell of a race. Amazing to look back now, it certainly was a strong year.

    • Maria Blackburn

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    • jules

      I was there for ladies’ race, saw Bronzini cross the line. disappointing how few turned out for that – she’s a legend.

      • 900Aero

        We saw that one too. Didn’t know who she was but it was a good win. Maryanne Vos signed a shirt for my daughter which was a family highlight! Was a great week all round really.

  • Andy B

    I have very fond memories of this entire week in Geelong, Matthews win was probably the highlight
    So many names on this list I hadn’t heard of back then
    Can only hope we get to see the World Champs in Aus in the future again

  • campirecord

    Sadly, Boivin has talked about early stop if he does not get back into euro mode. A very sad affair but understanding when you look at the return on sacrifice riding continental.

    • I’m not familiar with Boivin’s circumstances specifically, but knowing the lack of development path in Canadian cycling and now stuck in the US racing, I suspect that there’s little hope for him.

      • campirecord

        The Junior and U23 National program has had the good fortune of going to Europe to set foot in euro racing but the void in post 23 is indeed an issue. Even euro DS have said themselves that a cyclist with US racing background is just simply not in the same game. So only a very few make it indeed. There has been lots of rumors about Boivin looking into Bora Argon…


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