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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • jules

    I’ve just put some blood in the fridge for this

    • Our first response. That just gave everyone at the office a good laugh Jules!

    • Michele

      I hope you’ve got someone to watch that fridge; nothing worse than the power going off and you not being aware of it.

      • jules

        I’m using the one at work. don’t drink the tomato juice

        • Michele

          Smart move Jules. The other option was to ask Floyd to mind it. Pretty sure he’s more than capable of doing so, and I believe he’s free.

      • mariassachez

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  • Marcus

    Is Nibali’s DS available – I’ll need some “assistance” to climb La Donna!!

  • Marcus

    Is Nibali’s DS available – I’ll need some “assistance” to climb La Donna!!

  • AndyVB

    I’m calling “grupetto” if anyone is interested.

    • Dan Shannon

      I’m with you :)

      Lanterns rouge in my best yellow again… Just hopefully not as cold as last time

    • Eat More Lard

      It’s called “I just decided to ride at a social pace and take some photos. I could ride hard if I wanted to…. honest”

      • Michele

        That’s how I do the Amy’s Ride. Always stop for a coffee in that town just after the descent. Of course, I could hammer it home, but when you come from interstate to ride it you’ve got to make the experience last.
        That’s what I tell everyone else.

        • Eat More Lard

          Stop for a coffee? You do realise that there is a brewery at Forrest? http://forrestbrewing.com.au/

          • Michele

            I’ll be honest … I did know that. But for the life of me I can’t think why I’ve never stopped there before [done the ride 3 times now]. Thanks for reminding me.
            Okay .. I’m not doing Amy’s this year; but will be back next year. I’m committing myself now, to ensure I stop there next year.

  • AndyVB

    I’m calling “grupetto” if anyone is interested.

  • lowercasev

    Can’t wait!

  • Andy

    Will do it if you allow my 13 year old son to participate. We are doing Fitz’s Challenge together in October but not many events allow under 16s. I understand that there may be insurance issues but if Fitz’s can get around it then maybe you could follow their lead. Thanks

    • Good question Andy. We can’t give you a definitive answer right away but flick us an email (editor@cyclingtips.com.au) and we’ll get back to you.

    • Dan Shannon

      Right there with you Andy! I’ll be Lanterne Rouge in yellow again no doubt, though hopefully not as cold this time!

  • Riley

    Yes. such climbing.

    • Superpilot

      Serenity feel

  • Anna

    This is excellent! Well done CT

    • Michele

      Yes, thanks for organizing. Love the idea of an event like this in November. Sets the summer up perfectly.

      • Thanks folks! Hope to see you there and meet you in person.

  • Marcus

    Would love to do it, but other commitments to family prevent it. No doubt it will be a success and I can make the trip across the Nullarbor for it next year. Good work CT.

  • Mike Boudrie

    Awesome! I’ll be there!

  • Belinda Giles

    Time to come down from meditating on Zwift mountain to do something real. Gravel section… getting out the spare wheel to practices changes.

  • AndyA

    Wilko Drinking Donuts & Half-Wheeling #lean

    • it’s the two things i do best! haha

      • Holby City

        This must have been filmed pre Donut diet

  • Martin English

    Some good looking roosters in that clip. Looking forward to riding that again…. all the way.

  • Irene Sheppard

    Can’t wait!!

  • Michele

    I love the course profile. I’ve never seen a climb with such a constant gradient. I prefer climbs that don’t vary in pitch too much.
    Looks like that final climb will be easy; just need to find my tempo. :)

    • DamianK

      Acheron Way climb is brilliant and then back onto the paved to the summit.

  • Lyre_bird

    Glad you are including Reefton spur, I love that climb.

    • We saw quite a few of your namesakes while shooting the promo video you see above!

      • Lyre_bird

        Part of the reason for the name is that some of the tonewoods I use come from those Montane forests, they are both a major Lyrebird habitat and a great place to ride.

  • alexroseinnes


  • Kiwicyclist

    Wade, you might want to put a warning out about the descent into Marysville if coming from the Reefton Spur side – I managed to cook a front carbon rim on that beast earlier this year hitting the fastest time I’ve ever done on a bike (at north of 90ks/hr). I wouldn’t go down that thing on carbon rims again.

    • jules

      did you crash? that is truly a beast of a descent though, can’t wait..

      • Kiwicyclist

        No didn’t I didn’t crash as I feathered as much as I could so the rims stayed intact but the front had to be replaced a week or so later as the damage had been done. Its hands down one of the best routes around – loved it.

    • What make of rim?

    • velocite

      That’s a very good point. I’m new to carbon rims and just getting used to not being able to slow down quickly. I don’t *think* I could lock the front even if I wanted to. Is this normal, btw? I love that descent, but will revert to alloy rims for the ride, I think.

  • Chris O’Connor

    Why not stop off for a side-leg of Lake Mountain as well – LOL ! (ouch)

    • Eat More Lard

      It would be rude not to…

      • DamianK

        Lake Mountain burgers have been tried and tested in such circumstances ( Marysville pies rate highly as well).

    • You’d assume closed roads on Marysville-Wood’s Pt road = closed roads on Lake Mtn rd, no?

  • Stephen Chan

    I’m in. Charging my GoPro

  • Kippo

    I’ll need to cut off excess body parts to be able to climbs those hills – Clydesdales are scared of heights…. aaah bugger it, looks too good to not have a crack, count me in! Any categories for the big-boned?

    • krashdavage

      Wade would have you believe he’s in that category Kippo!

      • Kippo

        I’ve seen Wade float past me on the Skenes creek climb at Amys. He can go in the “big of hip and thigh” category if he carries a slab of beer on his back!

        • Rob Storey

          Dont fear the vertical kippo! you’ll love it. Its an amazing ride out there. I have done this loop in the reverse direction a couple of times and LOVED IT – regardless of climbing form,

  • Robert

    Great effort Wade. Closed roads – that takes some effort and planning. Look forward to it.

    • It’s been a heap of work, but fortunately we’re working with an operations company to make sure everything goes smoothly.

      • James Dunn

        Wow. I’d missed the part about closed roads. Sounds like an event not to be missed!

        Now, about that leave pass…

  • Jessy Vee

    This is my favourite route in all of Victoria! I hope I’m over my various injuries before the end of November. Too good to miss! :)

  • krashdavage

    You do know how this translates in Italian right?

    • jules

      will they get a lot of young Italian blokes signing up?

    • The first two words are Italian, the last one comes from the Wurundjeri Aborigines ;-)

  • krashdavage

    Perfectly positioned two weeks prior to the Tour of Bright… ride out, do the Fondo, ride home. Easy

  • krashdavage

    Will there be a category for those with unmatched kit and BMI over 20?

    • I made a category for myself, so yes.

      • krashdavage

        Surely matchy match CT kit? ;-). Now I’m just torn…do I plant the seed so I can do this myself or encourage my wife to get back on the bike? Some comeback ride!! I think I’ll be a good hubby and give her first dibs. Should be a ripper day.

  • Sounds like a #banger.

  • David Bonnett

    Blast it – too early in the year for me; I’m not moving to Melbourne until December :( Hopefully this will become an annual event given the awesome route.

  • Aaron Keeffe

    So much yes. Very much yes.

  • Hey Wade. Dunno if it’s just the way my brain works or my smattering of Italian but I originally thought this was a ride just for female participants. Der.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I can see how the mistake could be made, but I was more worried about turning off female participants after I saw the video edit! Hopefully we get a good mix of males and females.

      • Hope so – I’m going to suggest it as a ride for our mob to do.

        • Kiwicyclist

          You guys should – It be good to catch up

  • Richard Riley

    How about a ride in the opposite direction. Same scenery and less climbing. I am sure that would suit many, including me.

    • jules

      great idea. then you’d just need to climb Donna Buang to return to your car

      • Richard Riley

        Or have someone willing to drive and drop you off.

        • jules

          why not just skip the Donna ascent. there is nothing up there (except a great view and smug feeling), everyone will end up back in Warby.

  • Mike Clucas

    Brilliant idea! Love the name, love the course. I’ll film it for FulGaz so people all over the world can ride it.

    • Jon Thornton

      This loop would make a great Fulgaz workout. I hope you get good light for the shoot.

  • Simon

    The week before the Rapid Ascent event – the Verical K (cyclists taking on runners to see who can ascend 1,000m quicker). Might be a good time to buy a holiday shack in Warburton!

    • jules

      A: it’s the runners. I’m giving that a miss :)

  • Mat stone

    As a frequent user of that route, i’m saddened to see it exposed to the masses. The true route, which incorporates lake mtn & ends in warby is tge ultimate, but id be wary of acheron way. It annually gets regravelled and is impassable on a road bike after this. The high speed descent into marysville is also one which can catch out the unaware.
    Mat stone

    • Simon

      Welcome to a now mainstream pastime. I don’t have a philosophical objection to it becoming popular as the area is suited to all forms of cycling and not before time. I’ve marvelled for many years riding out there how relatively untouched this region is and ripe for investment in cycling, adventure type sports etc. If the AW is regravelled then the organisers could issue a warning and riders can fit 28s. I’ve also ridden it after heavy rain when slushy but it’s not too bad ime. OTH I only ride those roads midweek to avoid weekend tourists and the boy racers on their motos who can terrorise the Reefton Spur.
      There is no “true route”, that’s just elitist talk otherwise I’d challenge you to turn right at Cumberland Junction and head for Woods Point and beyond. You want a ride such as this GF to be achievable with just a certain amount of difficulty. Riders can then train and come back to do bigger distances if they desire.

    • Jessy Vee

      Initially, I had the same thought Mat. But it’s so far away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne that it definitely won’t become the next Beach Rd. If anything, more cyclists will mean that the roads will become more exposed to different road users, and the traffic may actually slow down and be more aware that there might be someone around that blind bend. It can only be a good thing. And, even if that doesn’t happen, then at least the rest of Melbourne’s cycling culture will get a chance to ride something spectacular, realise how hard these roads are to ride, and you’ll gain extra kudos on strava every time you lodge a Reefton Spur ride. ;)

    • On the topic of exposing lesser-known roads to “the masses”, this is an interesting and nuanced discussion of the topic: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/03/territorial-cycling-does-it-matter-if-someone-rides-your-turf/

    • winkybiker

      This is what I would characterise as a “glass-half-empty” response. Good luck with it Wade. If I was still in Oz, I’d be all over this. A great route.

  • Tobias

    cool logo and artwork!

  • Holby City

    Well played Wilko!

    • Kevin. T

      Great work Wade. Have ridden those superb roads before but not that loop. Looking forward to it. Well done.

  • Isaiah Gray

    I need to start a GoFundMe so I can raise the money to fly to Australia because this looks amazing!!

  • Ian

    Relatively new to the sport and am pretty interested in doing I with my girlfriendt. Is it only for the more serious or more seasoned rider?

    • Hi Ian, nope, you’ll be fine. It’s a challenging route, but with a couple months of training you’ll be just fine. Come along – it’s going to be a belter!

  • katykat

    This looks awesome. Wondering whether there would be any communal transport options for people to get out there from Melbourne. I’m thinking of flying over from Adelaide to do this ride.

    • If there’s enough people coming over from interstate, I’ll set something up to connect people for car pooling. Warburton is about an hour drive east of Melbourne CBD.

  • Jay F.

    I am moving back to Melbourne after a hard 6 years in Canberra on November 18. I’ve never ridden up Donna… I’ve always wanted to. The timing of this event could not be more perfect. Totally pumped! Thanks!!!

  • CC

    Will there be enough pies are Marysville bakery? (serious question)

    • Jessy Vee

      Maybe someone should call ahead so they know to be prepared! :D

  • Ben Kite

    How gravelly is the gravel section on Acheron Way? Can it be done safely on a roadie?

    • It’s only a 2-3% grade on hard packed gravel. Very safe to do on a road bike.

  • Derek Maher

    The very best of luck to everyone involved,Have a great day all.

  • Adam

    Do I assume 23c are the tyres to go with, or 28s?

  • Michael

    Just heard it is going to cost $160. Sounds pretty expensive… Probably a deal breaker. $100 probably the limit for an event like this – especially for new event organisers. The old Super Sprint King Lake ride was always about $100 – probably the right price.

    • JessMc

      Not too bad though Michael considering we’ve had 5+ years of free Cycling Tips online!

      • Malcolm

        Would hardly call it for free – the site is full of ads… Not sure how successful the ride will be at $170…

        • Robert

          I don’t think $170 is too bad. $185 – $205 for the Around the Day in a Bay according to the website, and I am sure that this will be a much better run event plus also has closed roads for part of the event – which costs money. It’s cheaper than Amy’s Gran Fondo, which is probably the only comparable event in Victora, although if you live in Melbourne you don’t need to fork out for accommodation, meals etc as it is so close to town. I would pay for the AGF Gran Fondo because it is a great ride and I want to support the organisation. I will pay for this because it is an even nicer route and I want to support Cycling Tips and help them diversify. I doubt very very much if this will make Wade rich, I think he’s just doing it because he knows it is a great route and will be a unique event.

          • Malcolm

            Rob – only difference is Amys and ATB are non-for-profit groups that use the ride to promote their cause. This goes to Wade. While i understand it costs money for these events – I think $170 is taking the pi$s. I think the main for-profit ride is the Otways ride by SuperSprint and for your $145 you get a 2xu jersey, socks and an event. Reckon Wade saw the interest in the event and jacked the price up – which is disappointing. Advertising the event hard without attaching a price will come back and hurt them. Hopefully doesn’t impact the site and the good brand cyclingtips have developed in the market.

            • Robert

              Oh well, each to their own. I’m glad we aren’t getting a jersey that will end up being donated to the op-shop or sitting in the draw never to be worn again. Wade has taken a risk to get this event up and running and I applaud him for that, so I think he needs to charge whatever is needed for the event to be viable now and in the future. Not sure I would say ATB (Bicycle Network) use ATB to promote their cause – they are an organisation which has lost direction and can’t decide if they are a lobby group or event organiser. Can’t see how running an even will impact the site or the brand. If Wade makes a buck out of it then good on him as all it would do is help underpin the great work that him and his team do on the site, which as someone else pointed out we enjoy at no cost.

            • Malcolm, in year one, we’ll most likely lose money. Trust me, I’m not getting rich off this.

        • MattyP

          What does the $170 entry fee include? Nothing on the site details this.

    • It costs us over $200k to put on Michael, and entries are limited. It’s in line (if not cheaper) than most events of this scale.

  • martin

    Is an email going out for this soon? Perhaps I’m being impatient.

  • Luis Lopez

    created the route on strava if someone needs to download the course into their garmins http://www.strava.com/routes/3233753

  • Andrew Burke

    Details for the day? Breifing time? Mass start in assuming? Will there be water along the way at all?


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017