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  • De Mac

    This is absolutely terrible – are the respective organisers going to wait until a rider is killed for change to be forced upon them? The UCI is ridiculously quiet on the subject also. Perhaps a rider protest is now required to shut it all down.

    • Jamie Kelly

      Hmm, closing an artery with stitches AFTER he rode to the top of the hill, sounds pretty dangerous doesn’t it!

      • Dave

        Must be a Sinkoff-Taxo thing, Contador rode over a TdF cat 1 climb with a broken leg last year.

    • Dave

      Good point – Brian Cookson is usually happy to shoot his mouth off on any topic even tangentially related to cycling, but is mysteriously silent on this one.

      I’ve heard he likes to ride a bike* from time to time, we can only presume that he’s been hit by a car and is lying in agony on the side of the road somewhere in Britain.

      * he had a scheduled open training session cancelled at the track world championships so he could have a spin on the boards.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Tinkoff should put his money where his mouth is and pull the team out of the race. Did all the moto drivers who know how this is done take September off? Seems like some serious training sessions need to take place for anyone driving a vehicle in the race caravan with testing and licensing at the end. How DO you get jobs like these? This year seems especially bad though it’s happened too many times in the past as well.

  • Dave

    Not sure what this has to do with boycotting ASO, they don’t pay the teams anything for this race because they don’t run it anymore!

    • donncha

      They own 50% of Unipublic I think?

  • donncha

    Sounds like Paulinho crashed into the bike rather than the other way around?

    • velocite

      Leaving aside the unlikely case that Paulhino did it deliberately surely it’s up to the moto to keep well out of the way.

  • martin

    It seems there’s just something very wrong with race organisation (or lack of organisation) in Spain. With Stetina’s incident in Vuelta al País Vasco, Van Avermaet in San Sebastian and now these two moto crashes in the Vuelta. (The opening TTT in the Vuelta was farce as well…)

    In the case of the Vuelta it’s particularly bad as they’ve done so well in the last few years to raise the profile of the race but the bad press is damaging and detracts from some great racing.

    Surely the UCI has to jump in at some point and get things straightened out. As Dave mentions they’re being really quiet on this.

  • Jessy Vee

    Tinkov seems to like to shoot his mouth off. He has a huge ‘poor me, poor my riders’ attitude while he sits on twitter bagging out other teams and riders. With Rafal Majka currently sitting in 4th, he’d be a complete moron to send his entire team home. Not to mention how hard it would be on riders who have trained so hard to get to this position.

    Those accidents were horrible, and something definitely needs to be done about traffic management within the peloton. But they could have happened to any rider from any team, and in the past, they have. Despite Oleg’s comments, I don’t think race motos are specifically trying to pick off Tinkoff-Saxo riders.

    • Dave

      They must be making an effort though, instead of mowing down riders in black jerseys they just happen to be picking out the fluoro jerseys rumoured to be visible from outer space ;-)

      You have to see them in the flesh to experience the full blinding glory, photos don’t do them justice.


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