• RacingCondor

    So are La Course and Ride London being upgraded? Currently they’re good publicity but what’s their UCI race status (I thought that as short crits neither was rated. May be wrong about La Course).

    Other than that it’s a good calendar, everything I’d expect plus a few I’m less familiar with.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      La Course was already a UCI 1.1 as was RideLondon

      • Dave

        Only the men’s RideLondon road race.

    • Dave

      La Course is a road race and not a crit, as it is contested over a circuit longer than five kilometres – and it was classified as a 1.1 race this year.

      The RideLondon Grand Prix women’s crit was NOT a classified race this year, only the men’s road race was. They must be planning on switching it to a road race this year for it to be classified.

      The RideLondon organisers would do well to seek a derogation to allow the 1.WWT race to be increased to at least the same distance as the men’s 1.1 race, or raise the men’s race to one of the rankings higher than 1.WWT (either 1.HC or 1.WT) to justify it being contested over a tougher course.

      • Derek Maher

        Agree with you Dave on the Prudential London Crit Dave.While its great publicity and shown on TV it can hardly be justified as a world tour event in its present format.Mr Cookson and Ms Gaudry should also put pressure on the BCF over the Tour of Yorkshire where the BCF refused to allow a days extra racing as the organisers had planned to include a womens race as part of the Tour.

        • RacingCondor

          I’d argue that La Course is just a big crit but glad it’s long enough to already have status.

          I’d love to see the women’s Ride London ride the full road circuit and hope that happens. Hard to see how though with the sportive being so huge and on the same day (in its current format).

          I doubt you could get permission to close the roads for 2 days and I doubt you could squeeze another race into the Sunday (25,000 rider sportive and ment RR). Guess you could split the routes and use the looped section to manage the timing but it’s a big ask.

          • Dave

            Simples – start the women’s race an hour or so after the men’s race so they diverge instead of converge, and tweak the route around the southern end to use the Leith Hill section in the opposite direction like the sportive does.

            I expect they’ll take the easy option and tweak the criterium just enough to make it acceptable though. That would be a pity, to attract and retain spectators women’s cycling needs the courses to become more credible rather than less.

        • Dave

          The crit is not a bad thing, it should be retained as an exhibition event to raise publicity for the actual road race the following day.

          No problem with adding a men’s event on the crit day too.

  • Excited to see Tour of California on the list and at 4 days but wish it were more. Interesting Qatar is not on the list with 2016 Worlds in Doha. Hopeful others on the list will step up their coverage compared to previous years. Once the women are done with Worlds Road Race, will be interested in their thoughts on the World Tour.

    • Derek Maher

      Hi GiroJenny,I think you can look forward to seeing a lot more coverage of the girls in 2016.The UCI/VOX media and Eurosport are getting their act together at last.

  • Dave

    Disappointing to see Thüringen Rundfahrt missing out.

    Shifting the Giro Rosa a few days earlier to both clear its clash with the Tour de France and in turn allow Thüringen Rundfahrt to be shifted forwards to be well ahead of La Course would have been a good result.

    • Derek Maher

      Agree Dave,Also that race in China is a bit of a joke.Surely there must be better courses given the size of the country.The race is a super yawn with its pan flat stages.


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