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  • John Carter

    Sheesh, why are fans still denied comprehensive on bike camera coverage, particularly in the big tours? I’d like it to be compulsory to see everyone in the peleton with a forward and back facing camera, they could all be standardised if necessary, imagine switching to live footage from the bikes when there’s a breakaway forming or a chase on, how good would that be.
    Not to mention livening up the bits in cycling where nothing much happens which even as a fan I struggle with………
    Still what would I know compared to the wisdom of the UCI (rolls eyes).

    • Daniel

      There’s a major, major difference between being able to stick a camera on a bike and being able to broadcast live from that camera. Technologically, I don’t think that it’s possible at the moment.

      • Faz

        Definitely possible but it comes with too many limitations (for cycling) to entice teams to take it on. Weight penalty, size of the unit and battery life are the biggest hurdles at the moment. GoPro has a nice compact broadcast transmitter out at the moment, but again, it’s not cycling friendly.

        • Andrew Hagen

          Hi Faz – as a manufacturer of HD cameras designed specifically for cycling, we of course are very happy with this direction as it is something we have been lobbying for. Cycliq’s cameras actually resolve the limitations you mentioned. Our cameras last for over six (6) hours (up to 8-10 hours in our new model) and are aerodynamically designed to fit onto any bike. In terms of weight, our current model is only 113g and includes a flashing light for the back of the bike. Cycling Tips have done a few reviews on our products in the past for reference.

          In terms of broadcasting, the technology is getting more refined all the time however is not quite there yet. One of the biggest challenges is how much battery power transmitting requires. In the same way your smartphone chews through the power faster when you are using it as a WiFi hotspot, the concept of transmitting HD footage from a small, compact & lightweight unit just does not match the technology available today (not in a large road race anyway).

          If any camera on the market today could do it, it would be our new front facing full HD camera (Fly12) which packs up to 5,200mHa of power which is over 5x more than the latest offering from the biggest action camera brand. When the transmitting technology is ready, Fly12 would be a logical solution.

          You also mentioned weight which should be addressed. This post from Cycling Tips (https://cyclingtips.com.au/2013/08/the-6-8kg-limit/) show that most pro-level bikes are under weight and require additional weight to bring them up to race weight so the addition of a couple of small cameras would generally not affect them.

          As cyclists ourselves, we have applied our needs to the design which has led to our design criteria being: light weight, compact, aerodynamic, long battery life, all weather use and simple to use. We are not constrained in design like action camera manufacturers who need their products to by more universal in design which prevents them from being as you say “cycling friendly”.

          • echidna_sg

            I hate saying this as I respect you and your product, but cycliq doesn’t make a product (yet) that solves the problems mentioned at all. It’s a good product, but it’s not a broadcast quality, live feed solution in any way. That is what is needed. 4k cameras shooting 50+ fps uploading wirelessly to a motorcycle or car within 2km for upload to a broadcast van.

  • John Carter

    PS that was my first ever post on CT and it was a moan! So I just wanted to add this is a very good site,keep up the good work!

  • Dave

    The ban on race radios being kicked into the long grass is not a positive move.

    They should be banned for all races, or switched to a one-way non-vocal ‘panic button’ system allowing riders to press one of three buttons to call for food/drink, mechanical service or emergency aid.

  • Philippe Moity

    Amazing news for Kinomap. more motion videos to come like this video footage on the Street Cobble in Richmond: http://www.kinomap.com/watch/2r5gxx, http://www.kinomap.com/watch/dujfwh… more to come.

  • rosscado

    “Article 1.3.024 will authorise the use of onboard cameras without the need for teams and organisers to request permission from the UCI,”
    Does this mean riders can use onboard cameras in amateur races? At least in my country these had been prohibited by the previous UCI rule.

  • Derek Maher

    Pat Mcquaid was right about race radio,s making racing to predictable.Break aways are nearly always put under a severe disadvantage when the Peloton can follow their every move on the road with the information from radio,s.Teams ride like robots not having to think for themselves on the road and in the end it kills riders incentive to have a go or to learn the real skill of racing tactic,s.

    • icepro

      And you know that because… (you’re an ex-pro, director, carer?)

      • Derek Maher

        Just agreeing with Pat Mcquaid which might not be in fashion these days.


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