USADA clarifies Bruyneel status: Belgian remains banned despite absence from WADA list

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Clarifying the situation after the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) excluded Johan Bruyneel from its list of banned support personnel, the US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has said that the Belgian’s previous sanction remains.

Speaking to CyclingTips, USADA’s Communications Manager Annie Skinner said that his absence from the WADA list doesn’t mean he can currently work with athletes.

“The WADA list states it won’t include those who are appealing their decision. Given that Mr. Bruyneel is appealing his case, that is why it isn’t included on that list,” she stated.

“He is still banned from sport, and as such is also prohibited from associating with athletes.”

Bruyneel was the general manager of the US Postal Service team and was accused of a range of doping practises by the US Anti Doping Agency. He requested an arbitration hearing, but was found guilty in April 2014 and handed a ten year ban.

Under the terms of this ban athletes are forbidden from working with him. He is also unable to work in any sporting context.

He appealed this sanction to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and was due to be heard on March 2. CAS has not published a result, and has not responded to recent requests for clarification.

Earlier this month WADA published a list of 114 names from a range of sports who are forbidden from working with athletes.

This includes Dr Michele Ferrari, Luis Garcia del Moral, Geert Leinders, Maurice Duquette, Carlo Santuccione, Mariano Piccoli, Bruno Leali and Guido Nigrelli, who all had past involvement in cycling and were implicated in doping practices. All bar Piccoli have been given lifetime bans.

Bruyneel was missing, as was the doctor Eufemiano Fuentes. The latter is currently appealing his own Spanish judicial case.

USADA’s clarification assuages concerns that the duos’ appeals meant that cyclists and others could use their services pending a final decision.

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