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  • martin

    Amazing ride from Dumoulin, especially considering how deep he would have gone to limit his losses on the last few stages. Can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Purito though, looks like another GT has slipped through his fingers.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      You gotta be able to TT to win a grand tour though. You can’t be over 6% slower on the TT and expect to win.

      • martin

        absolutely, it’s definitely been Purito’s biggest weakness. It’ll be interesting to see what everyone’s got left in the tank for the last few stages

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  • muz

    So what would the time gap have been if Landa had followed instructions on stage 11 and dropped back to help Aru. Just as well he’s changing teams next year.

    • martin

      You gotta wonder whether Landa will be prepared to drop back and potentially help Froome if asked though. Unless of course they race them separately which is entirely likely.

  • Bing

    Did anyone ask TD what he thought of the comparison to Indurain Movistar made of him? I’m guessing it’d be the equivalent of comparing Aru to Chiappucci.


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