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  • martin

    wow, didn’t see that coming

  • Neuron1

    It took the entire Astana team and a great plan to finally break Dumoulin. What an exciting and noble race. Chapeau to both Aru and Dumoulin today. We have some great years of race viewing ahead of us.

    • Samaway

      Agreed – two strong men in the break really did wonders for Aru

  • _kw

    I’d like to give a shout out to the UCI re rule and to Hendo.

    • Neuron1

      Watch the replay. 1) LLS barely touched Aru who was too far away for any meaningful contact. 2) Follow the application, or lack thereof of this rule in the past. Brian Holm, multiple warnings, Porte/Giro 2015. Guess those two riders should have been excluded form the race. But they weren’t. Rules must be applied judiciously. 3) I have photos from this years Giro on Collie de Finestere where Phil Gilbert was holding on to the BMC team car for about 150-200 meters on the climb. No one seemed to care, there was a race moto very nearby. People need to chill out a little bit. 4) If Aru was so strong why did so many other riders finish with him on multiple stages,how did Majka and Quintana get easy from him and why did it take the entire Astana team to beat on guy.

      • _kw

        Don’t worry, with you on the inconsistent rule application and Dumoulin cracking massively under overall pressure. With several contenders and their teams trying to still change the overall top 5, he did not stand a chance.

        I’d like to see a more consistent application of the rules in general regardless of this incident. While I can generally understand that you will never be able to achieve that at the back of the peloton, I believe it does matter regarding major contenders or their lieutenants and the fact that this was even in question for some people re Nibali is unbelievable to me. As for the incident with LLC, I saw a replay, however only a general end of the stage where it was at a bad angle.

        Apart from that, I just cannot get psyched for Aru or Astana. There are others which I’d much rather support. Let’s just call it personal preference.

        • Neuron1

          KW. Agree with a lot of what your saying. I’m a big Nibali fan but he screwed up royally and deserved the punishment. It wasn’t just a brief tow. However it is essential that if the rules are applied, they be applied consistently. The domestique who may not make the time cut one day is the essential lead out or in the break that determines the outcome of the race another.

          Despite my high regard for Sky, they are always bending/breaking rules with seemingly no penalty. The illegal feed to Richie Porte should have been assessed to Froome who was the recipient of the feed. 2014 Tour when Frooome crashed the first time, the entire team was motor paced for a prolonged period. Same this year at the Vuelta after Roche’s crash. I don’t dislike those guys, but i’m baffled how they always seem to get the benefit of the doubt.

          Final thought is that it was a great race and the final few stages were strategically well played by Astana, they used their collective strength against a very strong competitor.

  • Arezzo

    Congratulations to Fabio Aru for avoiding being hit by a service vehicle and winning the Vaulta a Moto.


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      • Arezzo

        I’m glad to hear you no longer have to work those truck stops.


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  • jon

    Not happy about the result at all. I know Aru rode a tactical Vuelta, but my personal bias just prevents me from being happy for Aru.

    • rockkk

      why ?

      • choppy

        it must be a “A-ruse”. Feels like we may have been taken for a ride. As long as he rides under that DS then questions will be asked and he won’t be loved.

      • jon

        stupid reasons on my behalf, but it largely has to do with a lot of early season “fireworks” that Aru was involved with. i.e the lawsuit, struggling badly on 18, 19 stages during the Giro and came back super strong on the last few days, and etc.


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