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  • Voltz

    Good sock height there

  • Derek Maher

    Good list, Okay what’s a Garmin, Some sort of speed computer ?.
    My tips, After warming up leg spin, Take a series of deep relaxing breaths inhale fully and exhale fully and get your lungs and body full of oxygen.
    This will have you relaxed and prepared for that fast start which if its an amateur race it will be.
    Cornering in the bunch lean your bike rather than your body and keep your elbows out to ward off other riders who want to get too friendly with body contact. The other plus with this is your body weight is keeping pressure on the tyre road surface contact so less danger of your bike slipping out from under you.
    Don’t forget to bring spare wheels for the following neutral service or a friend in the cavalcade. If you don’t have a friend or spare wheels bring spare tubes and tools so you don’t get stuck out in the countryside with the bunch and cavalcade disappearing into the distance.
    Best of all have fun you are a winner by giving racing a go.

  • David Bonnett

    My J15 daughter has a 40 litre transparent plastic crate where *everything* is kept: shoes, helmet, sunnies and licence (in a case), gloves, heart rate strap, race number and transponder (for club races), gels, bidons, spare tubes and tyres, rain shell etc. Instead of trying to make a list and chase things down the morning of the race, we just pick up the crate and put it in the car. If something gets washed, it goes back in the crate when clean.

    I would also suggest not changing things on your bike just before a race: Don’t move your seat, swap your stem or try out new tyres without getting a training ride or two in with the changes first. The same holds for food and drink.

    • Linda Burns


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    • Derek Maher

      Excellent tips David, Your daughter has a great attitude.
      Oh please Linda go somewhere else with your spam.

    • I really think having a container like this is great! The only issue I would find with this is that we need to train with most of the items that are usually kept in such a container…

      • David Bonnett

        Yep – we are in the same situation – things get used for training throughout the week but instead of being tossed in a corner of her room or the garage, they go back in the crate. About the only exception is the Garmin since it has to recharge (and sometimes is forgotten ;-) ) The idea came from one of her friend’s who showed up at the track with everything nicely organised; the same day I had to drive home to get my daughter’s bike shoes, for which I charged her travel time and expenses…

  • Great post..To prepare for a race, you must put in the months of hard physical training, hitting the pavement in preparation for the event. But I think what you do the day before the race can also have a big impact on your performance.


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