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  • jules

    this is why in the vast majority of similar cases, company management quietly fires the offender and neglects to tell the police.

    assuming he’s telling the truth, the lesson (which stands anyway) is that whisteblowers get screwed.

    • Paul Jakma

      If Acquarone’s account in this story is to be believed, it was he himself who went to the police.

      • jules

        yes, that may have been the source of his problems. companies and their senior staff don’t like having their names dragged through the mud.

  • Bex

    it’s been a strange one, RCS complete silence (as far as i know) doesn’t give me confidence that they’ve made any progress with internal investigations. It sounds a bit like they’ve fired a few top people hoping the money will stop going missing. Can’t imagine how tough it must be for Michele.

    • velocite

      Very strange. There was lots of praise for what he did with the Giro, and the odd thing is through all his protestations of innocence there have been no specific allegations or even insinuations made against him, at least that I’m aware of. No references to lavish lifestyle or improper associations. Looks like strings are being pulled in a uniquely Italian way, designed to ensure that whatever was going on can keep on going.

      • Dave

        The beauty of this situation is that he Acquarone can have it both ways. If RCS keep on staying quiet he can protest against them dismissing him without a reason, if they detail their issues for the public then he can howl his indignation at their public mud-slinging.

        If he is for real, you have to wonder why he is going to the court of public opinion instead of to an actual court of law.

        • Shane Stokes

          Dave, he is going to a court of law. It’s mentioned in the piece above – he’s taken a defamation case which will run concurrent to the criminal case run by the police.

          • Dave

            Ah right, Acquarone would be well advised to shut his gob and avoid any chance of compromising the case then.

            • Dave, I know Michele Acquarone.
              Perhaps, if you placed yourself, in his position, you may arrive at a different way of thinking. Italian law, doesn’t follow the same procedures & processes, always followed in other countries.
              His cases, and position, are frustrating to say the least, and from Michele’s perspective, he’s been “metaphorically slaughtered” in both media and public domain terms, whilst the RCS, rolls on…..

            • Michele Acquarone

              For two years my lawyers have suggested to be patient and very careful with my declarations. Something like anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law… Well I cannot wait for the rest of my life. Two years are never-ending and I decided to play all-in. I have nothing to lose and it can be nothing wrong in telling the truth.


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