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  • Whammy

    Another cheat retires rich, well respected and with a cushy job awaiting. Super.

    • ummm…

      yeah…i think we should just stop caring. Does it really make a difference to us? Like watching AFL, or NFL here, we know they get concussions etc and juice up – but we don’t care. I was going to write the same comment as you, but I don’t even think I believe I care anymore. A career change at his age – with little skill or experience otherwise – isn’t nice for anybody to deal with. He surely has tactics to lend, and access.

      • Lori Haynes

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        • ummm…

          fantastic. thanks for sharing

      • Stryder T.A

        You might not care but think beyond yourself and about the kids who might want to get into pro sports, doping is unhealthy in every aspect and if people stop caring then how is this to stop? Why would anyone ever encourage a kid to get involved in pro sports? I’d encourage them to keep active but stay away from the unhealthy obsession of winning at all costs and its dirty doping underbelly. When people stop caring then what’s the point? ‘I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees’ sums up how I feel and why we shouldn’t stop caring.

        • ummm…

          Firstly my comment was directed more towards the notion that he does not belong in the sport. A sport that was dope ridden before, during, and 100 years of history says will continue probably is the best place for him to be if that is all he knows. As for the doping culture, I’ve really grown tired of all the hypocrisy, the faux outrage and remorse. Pro sport is sport FOR MONEY. That makes a huge difference. Incentives create systems that breed many different approachs, some unethical. However, as a human race we have not been able to overcome our own base existence and doping is a emergent factor of that. The rules of nature seem to presuppose a survival of the fittest, especially within the context of being the champion of the FITTEST. Amateur sport and ones everyday life is where strong dignified beliefs should be upheld. Pro Sport has continued to fail us. Great thing is that we and our kids can play sport without it being a job. Just have ur kid do that.

  • Tawny Frogmouth

    Never went so good when forced off the juice.
    …like with little cheaty Schleck….no doubt, many deluded ‘tifosi’ will lament.
    At least Armstrong was the best cheat


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