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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
  • Dave

    Only 13 women have previously finished the race inside the time cut, good luck to all those aiming to join that rare company for the first time!

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    • Winky

      15 finishers today. Doubled the total in one go. Awesome. Congrats to all.

  • Go Whippers!

  • Ro

    how does the warny start? mass bunch with all grades, or split up a little a,b,c,women etc?

    • Gus Gollings

      Mass start. Beautiful mayhem, even under control =)

      • Ro

        Sounds like it’ll be fun! Seems like it’ll be interesting tactics to get into the best bunch possible.

      • Neil_Robinson

        Gus ol boy, we have very very different views on beauty.

        It most certainly is mayhem though.

  • Rowena

    Brilliant! Brave women!

  • Tim Scarborough

    This is a wonderful moment in time for all female athletes- particularly cyclists. Women will be watching this space from around the world to see how the girls go out on the long road to Warrnambool. It’ll be a tough day for all the riders whether male or female, give them all your support as they are taking on a huge challenge and making history.

    • Dave

      Indeed, it should be a good opportunity for the UCI to sit up and notice that women can handle tougher events than the current UCI maximum length for a women-only race of 140km – shorter than many big mass rides!

      Although why they need to sit up and notice it is a mystery, given one of the 13 women to have finished the race in the past was Tracey Gaudry, one of the fleet of UCI Vice-Presidents and the chair of the UCI Women’s Commission.

      And while we’re on the topic of elite female athletes writing themselves into Australian sporting history, on the same day Sarah Taylor will make Australian sporting history as the first woman to play an A-Grade cricket match.

  • Miranda Griffiths

    um that’s not my twitter handle BTW…..should be @mirandag_01

    • Simone Giuliani

      Sorry about that Miranda and thanks for pointing it out so we could correct it.

  • Derek Maher

    Great to see the women giving this full race distance a go. Best of luck and show the UCI what women can do.

  • Winky

    Good luck to everyone! I’d love to be there.

  • Superpilot

    I look forward to the follow up report, and I want to hear how they all fared, even if some missed the time cut, but still went on and finished anyway!

  • Jessy Vee

    Good luck chicks! Doris, can’t wait to see your finishers Medal the next time I see you at the local cafe! You superstar. :)

  • Winky


    1.285Lauretta HANSONVIC7h50:572.261Miranda GRIFFITHSVIC+03.269Chloe MCINTOSHVIC+10:444.274Nicole WHITBURNVIC+17:405.266Brooke ANDERSONVIC+17:406.283Esther BORGVIC+17:407.275Justine BARROWVIC+17:408.262Rebecca HEATHNT+17:499.277Prita JOBLING-BAKERVIC+46:5610.270Doris MARRVIC+47:0111.279Melanie SILVESTERNSW+1h11:4012.280Purdie LONGVIC+1h11:4013.267Belinda CHAMBERLAINACT+1h11:4014.272Annabel COXSA+1h11:4015.281Amy BRADLEYVIC+1h11:40dnf268Laura DARLINGTONACTdnf273Bianca PICKETTVICdnf278Lucy BARKERSAdnf282Kate FINEGANNT


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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017