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July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
  • George Hayduke

    A very talented mechanic assembled that bike. Good job.

  • jules
    • OverIt

      I recognized the bike from the theft post on Bicycle Market too…. God I hope it’s insured. I’d be gutted. Cipo’s are a bit love hate. But this looks like a beast. Hope you get it back :(

    • George Hayduke

      Woops. Fun while it lasted.

      • jules

        I didn’t realise this was the actual bike that was stolen.

        • It looks like the one that was stolen belonged to the store owner, Glen Matulich (who’s referenced in the piece above): http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/10/14/11/33/22-000-bike-stolen-in-adelaide

          • jules

            they look mighty similar – I can see the seat is different though

            • Holby City

              And different stem, wheels, groupset…

          • Ragtag

            Matt could you do a review of the Cipollini RB1K?

        • Paul Howard

          It’s not the one that was stolen. But I did test ride the one that was stolen. Am gutted for the owner (Glen).

          • nic topping

            By the way, a Cipollini rb1000 is currently for sale on ebay australia! Item number 272015157941. No idea as to the legitimacy, just a bit strange when the only other one in the country is reported stolen.

    • ceedee

      I guess this bike would be straight into a box and on it’s war to overseas. Too hot to sell in Australia.

      • jules

        for some reason I was visualising some ex-pro with no helmet riding off with the bike through Adelaide traffic at high speed dodging cars

        • ladies man

          White skinsuit and italian sunnie on

    • Adam K

      As a long time RB1K owner and trak cycles customer I can also attest to the many comments here. My wife and I have bought and own many different bikes from Glen at Trak over the years, and the process is always so much more fun when the person at the shop can’t help but get genuinely excited about building your bike with you. Whenever I pop in for some new parts glen often quickly grabs me to show me some of the exciting builds he is doing at the time for other customers simply because he is so excited about them he can’t help but show you and tell you all about it. So when you have an owner passionate for getting customers onto some of the best and most exclusive bikes being rolled out, its just a great fun experience for everyone. I know from previous experience even when buying a high end bike from most stores, the service can be perfectly fine but you know and can feel at the end of the day its just another transaction for them. This is where Glen and Trak differ.
      Re the RB1K, not the lightest these days with all the super light frames out there (mind you neither are most more aero options out there, i.e venge vias at 7.7kg). But the ride and power transfer is amazing. Still my favourite ride. I also have a Cdale black inc for really hilly races, and I cannot level a fault at it, 6kg, rides great and climbs like a demon, and yet the cippo is still my favourite ride and race bike. The quality is amazing, and yes whilst you have a few hundred grams more carbon in the frame, its simply a much stronger frame. I bet the cippo will outlast the evo frame by many many years an km/’s. My first RB1k I hit a Kangaroo @ circa 55kmh on a descent, felt like I rode into a brick wall. After I dusted myself off and recovered a bit, I was amazed to find he RB1k was still in one piece. There were numerous stress lines in the forks and frame, but I would bet folding money practically any other frame / fork would have snapped from what was a really big impact. I was in the middle of nowhere and had no reception, but as the bike was still in one piece and although with frame to frame buckle in the front wheel, I was able to ride 30mins to where I could call for help. I didn’t even think about a different bike from the insurance money.
      Best way to solve your GSC 10 issue is gps speed and clavicula m3 SRM cranks!! :)

  • jules

    I love this bike, but I wish they wouldn’t put hubbard stickers on it “Carbon Monocoque” – really I thought it was aluminium? “Drop out carbon”, it’s like those Honda Civics with massive VTEC stickers across the rear windshield.

  • Kieran Degan

    Nice bike. Could do with a bit more carbon though.

  • Simon

    “The process was pretty simple but quite personal. I was met at the airport by Trak Cycles’ owner Glen. We drove out to the shop where he gave me a quick tour before sitting down to discuss exactly what I was looking for.”

    Any bike shop owner claiming exemplary customer sevice take note. First time I’ve heard of being met off a plane and driven to the shop! That is going above and beyond.

    • jules

      I suspect the profit margin on this bike may have been a bit fatter than a $1500 Giant

      • echidna_sg

        while true, you have to admit it is good service…

        • JJ

          good service?


          But it’s not really service, it’s showing the same amount of enthusiasm as the customer.

          The relative profit might be a factor, but in reality not. The time spent for one customer (when he could have been working in the shop), the IP and investment to stock his shop with similar bikes, is loss-leading. Surprising how few shops do this, there are plenty who seem to be charging big $ and accessing big profits from one-offs like this also. I’ve even seen a mate get charged an extra $20 for having tyres fitted when he was already paying just under $20k for the whole bike with a big name store – maybe they were in a rush, but I doubt it.

          Well done Glen.

          Beautiful bike too Paul, great result.

          • jules

            loss-leading sounds clever but as a business owner you need to be careful it doesn’t become just loss. gouging high-end customers is a pretty tried-and-trued strategy – spending lots of money is part of the value for those customers. although I agree scabbing $20 for changing tyres isn’t necessarily the cleverest way to go about it.

            • Chris

              Ouch. $20 for tyre fitting.
              I spent five figures on my newest bike at a shop in Singapore and they haven’t charged me a cent in odd jobs since it was bought in April. I drop in with creak coming from somewhere and it’s straight onto the stand after someone’s ridden it around the block to source the sound.
              Service begets more business if done right. Guess where I bought my Stages power meter recently? Not online, or at a rival, I can tell you.

  • Winky

    I’m amused by the notion that it was somehow specced to “fit within a budget”. I’m struggling to identify a single component on which he could have spent more money. Seems like the credo was “Oh yes, that’s OK I guess, but don’t you have one that costs more?”.

    Still, nice bike, although camo is not my thing.

    • jules

      Chorus cassette? :)

    • Francis Tan

      he couldve gone with the top end frame? NK1K? :)

    • Pete

      he saved money on a power meter

    • Spider

      Brakes. He wen’t with Campy – he could have gone NUTS!

      • Evelyn Peer


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  • one more

    very nice, however that GSC10 sensor needs to go – update to the new version is a must! Maybe frame/crank arm clearance limits it?

    • Paul Howard

      This is something I mulled over for a while. I’m not sold on the hub based sensor. It’s just weird!!! I wanted something on the chain stay. Preferably slim line and clean like you see on some Treks and Giants. The problem is that the wheels have a magnet built into the rim so you need to place the speed sensor close to the BB to pick up the magnet. A normal magnet won’t fit on the aero spokes. Having the speed sensor close to the BB means I can’t use a Ti magnet in the pedal bolt hole as it’s too far away. Need a third party slim line system or just do away with the cadence and speed sensors completely.
      Any ideas out there?

      • Chris

        Still cant believe you were commuting on the Bike path on it :)

        • Paul Howard

          Haha… I try to avoid it as much as I can but there’s that bit from Karrinyup going north!

          • Chris

            We did put crap on you though :)

      • Paul

        Power meter for cadence and GPS for speed. Get’s rid of the GSC10.

        • jules

          PMs are good for cadence, but GPS not as good for speed. while I use GPS for speed, it’s not as accurate as a sensor.

          • Holby City

            While this is true about GPS speed why does it matter? Who even looks at the speed they are going? I only look at watts/cadence.

      • choppy
      • Holby City

        Why do you need wheel speed?
        GPS speed is fine.

  • JJ

    Somewhere out there Veeral is crying tears of envy into his pillow and punching his teddy bear “why can’t I have one too!!”.

  • velocite

    That is one spectacular bicycle. And the photos are in the nature of a love poem. Careful, you’ll go blind!

  • Coach

    Looks great! Please loose the cadence sensor though! :o

    • Sorry for my ignorance but what other way could be used for cadence?

      • Coach

        Hi Mate… you could use the new garmin wireless sensors that don’t need the big unit strapped to the chain stay.

        If you wanted to go power, garmin vector power pedals, powertap power pedals, or the new stages Campagnolo crank will all send cadence as well as power. I’m sure there are other options I haven’t thought of.

  • Coach

    Also, can I have your Super Record Casette… my campy cassettes (record, SR) seem to last indefinitely…

  • MJMK

    If you want to hide the Exposure light I would recommend the following, mount one of these K Edge for the Garmin that also has the facility to mount a Go Pro.


    Then you use one of these underneath where you mount the Go Pro, a very neat solution for the light mount and keeps the whole thing very clean.


  • Legstrong

    Is this supposed to be an aero bike? If so, what’s up with that gap between the rear tire and seat tube? I will be the only one here, not digging it.

    • Sean Doyle

      Once the air eventually makes it past the forks, DT and bottle/bottle cages and extra few mm’s of acreage will make no difference what so ever. Also there is a certainly rectangle each tube has to fit in and they may have already reached the limits with their shape.

  • Simon

    Thanks for sharing Paul. Awesome looking bike. I’ll keep an eye out for you around Perth but suspect it will be as you pass me on your new weapon

  • Steel

    Riding bikes is fun.
    Cipo is fun.
    Buying this bike sounds like it was fun.

    Great story.

    • jules


  • Joel

    Paul, great photos and great report – thanks for sharing.

  • love the cipo

    that is a very rusty bike stand

  • tired

    Ditch the Contis….Michelin Pro4’s all the way!

    • Tony reddrop

      Much;s over Conti’s you have got to be kidding, must be new to cycling? Regardless of the Cost $$$ very nice bike Paul, the Cippo;s are a lovely bike, well worth the effort.

  • Detlef Jumpertz

    I must say that the use of Zapf Chancery font as the typeface for those Lightweight wheels is an aesthetic disaster….. I do wish they’d use something else, it has been a bugbear of mine since they released them. I quite like the shape of the frame/tubing. The camo pattern wouldn’t be my first choice. aside from that bike envy.

    • Richard Jones

      I’m so glad somebody else has the same ‘issue’ Lightweight as I do, puts me right off (well that, and the associated cost). If they went for a hand-drawn/brush script wouldn’t look so bad (in my eyes).

      Everything else, I’d did my right arm for.

      • Winky

        They’re also a bit “old-school” tech-wise with a “wedge” rather than ovoid cross-section. A nice set of new Bora Ultra 50 tubulars with the low-key dark graphics option would be the ticket on this machine.

  • bigstu_

    Nice pics. But all I could see were the grouppo, wheels and saddle hanging in mid-air. Wasnt this article meant to be about a whole bike?

  • HubbardDetective

    Spud move, clinchers. To add insult to injury, conti clinchers. She’s not a commuter

    • krashdavage


  • david__g

    Nice bike, but I hate the trend of camo everywhere.

  • Lieblingsleguan

    Somehow, all the “bikes of the bunch” articles are about an expensive frame and then even more expensive parts thrown at it. I don’t find those bikes very original. Also, going to a shop to get an expensive bike built isn’t that much of a story in my eyes. Do a really epic ride, a stupendous race or a ridonculously difficult granfondo on it and tell us about what you went through on your new ride.

    • Ralph

      Well said – spending heaps of money is not really interesting.

  • Holby City

    Want faster, more supple tyres that still have puncture resistance? Vittoria Open Pave.

    Seriously, please cut the top bit of the steerer off. Why do people keep that bit?

    Well done on building your dream bike. Enjoy!

  • CC

    Congrats Paul – It’s no shrinking violet ! does this mean you now ride with your top off, Cippo style? -:)

  • MMAster

    Derailleur angle adjustment is not uncommon…many bolt on front derailleur hangers have that capability. The Cipollini’s just happen to have executed it rather nicely.

  • Zach Mottram

    Is the bike stand rusted or has it been painted?

  • Chiwode

    Nice ride. Thanks for sharing. I’d be interested to hear other Campy users’ thoughts on Super Record cassettes. You say they wear out quickly, but I’ve had the opposite experience. In fact, the chains and cassettes last so long that for me Campy winds up being cheaper than SRAM or DuraAce in the long run.

  • Sean parker

    Rim brakes?

  • Brodie

    Can’t wait to see the first Hubbard in full Rapha, POC, Bont cruising down beach road on this puppy. hopefully not the knicked one.

    • krashdavage

      Boo hoo, poor Brodie

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  • Mário Simas

    amazing bike, but not with these wheels :(

  • Antony Day

    Easily the best looking bike I’ve ever seen. Want one. And Matt’s photos show it off beautifully. I’m in awe.


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