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  • martin

    10 pounds of nice in a 5 pound bag

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  • Yann

    Have a very nice yellow / chrome Corsa Extra frame in the garage … anyone interested ;)

    • scottmanning


    • Pleverett

      Me too

  • scottmanning

    Merckx knows how to put a bike together. I put away the carbon race bike, the power meter and gadgets and ride my Corsa Extra at every opportunity. Simply sublime.

  • Larry @CycleItalia


  • Allez Rouleur

    Nice bike! All true enthusiasts should have a classic steel bike.

    Okay, so honest question: you’ve started a “sister” site for female cyclists. You’ve discussed things like Sagan’s podium pinch, the K-B-K poster that was deemed sexist, etc.

    Hasn’t Mr. White heavily relied on using sexy women and their legs, bodies, and looks to sell his brand? And I’m not talking about women who ride, but the posed women he used to use all the time. Seems like the line between what is offensive and what is okay just got really blurry ’round here.

    • Gordon

      While I sort of agree with you I also sort of don’t. I have stated before that I don’t know whether I’m “normal” or should have a tracking device attached to my ankle when it comes to posed ladies on or near bikes/podiums etc. I reckon podium girls are so outdated it is not funny but really don’t care as I can quickly forget.

      While the Fyxo site does often rely on the use of models I think suggesting CT is crossing the boundary is a very long bow. Now if it was the infamous Daisy Duke I would agree.

      I think some of the stuff Andy does is fantastic but if I were to commission him for a bike I would instruct no Fyxo decals in place of accurate reproductions. That is my biggest issue with him and it ain’t that big.

    • Gavin Adkins

      It’s a fair point, but I think the past tense is appropriate too.

      My impression is that Andy has, at least, started to move away from that in the same way ‘cycling’ more generally is progressing in that regard. I mean the woman in the image above is Nicole Whitburn, a seriously accomplished bike rider. And the pose, to me, is pretty much taking the piss of a ‘sexy’ pose.

      • Chris

        Yes, but the Daisy Duke gallery is still Fyxo’s front page today, so that aspect of his site is presumably seen as an important drawcard. I do like his stuff, but his glamour galleries, the last of which was Jan this year, seem just weird nowdays.

        • david__g

          This is what puts me off ever taking this dude seriously.

          • Gordon

            I don’t have a problem with your thoughts at all and I can see why potentially half the population would not like Fyxo however my concern here is suggesting CT is blurring the lines with this gallery and this bike. While it acknowledges Fyxo is hardly goes overboard with the “we love what Fyxo used to do or does” .

            I know there is the risk of cross promotion but with still pretty much a niche market for this type of bike I can let it go.

        • Allez Rouleur

          Right, it’s not like it’s distant history! He knows what he’s doing and to promote him here, when this site is VERY progressive and pushing women’s cycling….seems odd. You can’t say “Oh, this bike and shoot are okay, and just ignore all his other shoots with suggestive women…”

      • Derek Maher

        The lady in the photo Nichole Whitburn is certainly a fit athlete and having a bit of fun with her pose and good luck to her.
        Maybe I am old fashioned but I never had a problem with glamour mixing with sport.
        Plus that racing bike is sure good looking.

        • Allez Rouleur

          I don’t have a problem with it personally. I’m calling into question this site, with all their progressive leanings, promoting him and his work.

      • Allez Rouleur

        But cycling as a sport has been around since the 19th century. Andy is, um, like 35/40ish. Move away? It was stuff he was doing a few years ago AND it’s how he really got off the ground…his bikes with sexy women to get the dudes who tend to ride bikes the most interested in his stuff.

        Seems kinda hard to “move away” from stuff you did so recently.

    • Clive Woodward

      You already live in a nanny state, do you really think self-policing every bloody picture and person who does anything in any way even in the mildest bit controversial (which I don’t think FYXO even registers on the scale of), is a worthy use of your time?

      • Allez Rouleur

        Sorry, what state do I live in? Pretty sure you have no clue.

        I’m not self-policing. I’m asking what it says that this site, with a sister site, is promoting this guy and his work.

        Also, let me judge what to spend my time on. I live a balanced life and I love cycling, so yes, I’ll call into question this article when I’ve heard LOUD and clear from Tips that women deserve more respect in the sport.

        • Gordon

          Interesting debate. Again I’m sometimes not sure what is right or wrong these days. Clearly CT has done a great job of promoting women’s cycling and should be applauded. Clearly Fyxo will have offended many people in past and will continue to regardless of current updates

          What I am not certain about is has CT crossed the boundary. While I don’t expect a reply I would be curious to hear from CT (especially Ella) and maybe even Andy. I don’t want WWIII but interested in all sides.

          Allez I commend you on calling it out even if I am not so clear cut on the matter. One thing is for certain we are incredibly lucky to live in a country (and I am in the nanny state) that allows this sort of debate and if we want we can go and look at Fyxo (just to clarify “only for the bikes”).

          Ride safe everyone.

    • ?

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  • velomonkey

    hey cyclingtips – congrats on having a bikes of the bunch that isn’t some over-priced bike with the same old story – more like this less of 5k carbon frames

    • Allez Rouleur

      I get very tired of those too. “Oh look, I had a spare $10,000 in my bank account, look what I bought…” I get very tired of those bikes.

  • Sean parker

    That turbo saddle just looks bulbous and hideous. And pink! On a bike.!….

    There I’ve said it.
    Not all retro looks good. Don’t believe me? Google mapei, 1990s … take a look at those jerseys.

    • Albert

      Those old perforated Turbos are drool worthy!

      • Sean parker

        Really? Check how good the antares, or whatever it is, looks in the second photo.

  • Phil Gordon

    A beautiful piece of steel alright.
    I`m the lucky owner of a Eddy Merckx Dura ace equipped Corsa circa 89,she`s a keeper for sure.


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