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  • It would be interesting to know how this affects the smaller continental teams here in Australia. It will obviously be harder for them to get in (and harder to compete in), but for those who do it will be a bigger stage for them and their sponsors.

    • Dave

      There are only seven UCI registered teams in Australia (Drapac and the six Continental teams in the NRS) which would be eligible, coincidentally exactly the same number as the minimum number of non-WorldTeam slots to allow a full field.

      Of course, there’s always the very real possibility of having fewer than 14 WorldTeams accept invitations and the race therefore having more lower-division teams from outside Australia and/or national teams.

      • Don’t forget about the pro-conti teams who most certainly will be taking spots.

      • I’d say it’s likely the event won’t get the maximum of 14 WorldTour teams in attendance. They had room for 10 or 11 last year (I’d have to check if the 50% allowance rounds up or down when you’ve got an odd number of teams) but ‘only’ managed to convince eight to stick around post-TDU. But as Wade says, the organisers will also be keen to invite foreign ProConti teams as they did this year.

        • Dave

          From memory, the WorldTeam quota is a ceiling and therefore rounds down, so the 50% would have been 10, and it will be a maximum of 13 WorldTeams out of 21 total. Drapac, the six NRS teams and the national team would fill it quite nicely, allowing the appearance fees to be spent on only WorldTeams.

          It will be interesting to see if they do chase foreign teams this time around, now there is less incentive to fill places so the quota for WorldTeams can be increased.

          Even if they stay at PC level for 2016, it would be great for Dimension Data-Qhubeka to be brought over for a TDU wildcard slot and CEGORR. The changes to the world rankings will increase interest in wildcard slots at the TDU from the PC teams as they’ll now be able to earn points, so a full field of 21 teams should be possible for the first time ever.

  • fausto

    I guess the team staff and riders will spend the week between TDU and Cadel race training there. no reason the get back home

    • Yolanda Henderson

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    • Dave

      That’s the strategy, piggyback on the big race.

  • Ralph

    Given this upgrade is there any intention to improve the route to actually use more of the GOR?

    • Winky

      “The course for both the men’s and women’s race is unchanged from 2015.”

      This from the article. So not for 2016. But yes, it’s a strange name for a race that doesn’t go on the Great Ocean Road very much at all.


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