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  • Frank Kotter

    I have been paying attention to Villegas every since your original reporting his jump to SmartStop , Shane. (It was you, right?) Then the Alps article set many things in motion. When there was no further information about him I was always searching for reasons – I even trolled Creed for the love of GOD!

    This is great news and I hope signals a true small shift in pro culture. Also, huge respect for Michael Creed for picking him up in the middle of this. That really showed class.

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi Frank, thanks – I can’t remember if we reported his move to SmartStop, that might have been Alps and Andes. It’s great that he gets another chance – would be good to see some of the current big name Colombians support him. If they are clean riders I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

      • Frank Kotter

        I would like to see it the same way. However, when we see the treatment Villegas received the answer to ‘why they wouldn’t’ is clear. Under current climate, the answer is ‘Clean or dirty, why would anyone put their neck on the line?’ I like to bitch and moan but I can’t honestly say I would either in their shoes.

  • Natalia

    Great news. He is the role model you want to have around young cyclists, specially in Colombia. Welcome back Juan Pablo.


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