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  • Nitro

    Consistency – its a wonderful thing. Or not. Maybe. Not quite sure. Let me get back to you on that one…

    • donncha

      Comment on Twitter posited that the problem could be that Tramadol is used in other sports perhaps without incident (contact sports maybe?). If WADA bans it, it applies to all sports signed up to WADA code, so while it may make sense to ban it in cycling, banning it for all sports isn’t as clear-cut.

      • Shane Stokes

        Yep – that was probably me musing it (unless someone else did it as well). That would be my guess, but it’s just a guess. Problem is that the WADA Code is for all sports, so who knows what pressures exist not to knuckle down on certain things

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        • ummm…

          what?!?!? I’m going to be rich!!!! Also, where can I get a McClaren F1 so cheap? I didn’t even know that they made those anymore.

  • Stompin

    They should ban Tramadol… maybe Dan Martin would stay upright when it counts.

  • david__g

    After some recent surgeries I was given tramadol and that shit made me feel loopy and sleepy and confused as hell. I can’t imagine riding a bike on it. I could barely use the microwave.

    • ummm…

      do you have any left?

      • david__g

        Saving it for race day.

    • Gordon

      Unfortunately I have access to some “serious meds” due to an auto-immune disorder and occasionally take tramal. I find it has little or no side effects but have spoken to others (including 1 big bloke….probably about 50% plus my size) and he said the same.

      While I understand the issue I don’t see a problem, or am I just a space cadet all the time?

  • Derek Maher

    Like most medicines they can produce side effects apart from the main treatment target.
    However this can vary greatly between the users to un noticeable to major events its the luck of the draw to a certain extent.
    First question one must ask oneself is what is causing my pain and will I damage myself further by putting stress on my body.
    Risks Costs and benefits I suppose will decide most sports people.


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