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  • Holby City

    Look forward to see Lord of the Dance, Sagan, in the rainbow jersey. Sleeve length could be a little longer no?

    That Moots stem is one ugly piece of metal. Why???

    • Michele

      My immediate thought looking at that picture was Sagan is going to wear someone radical next year. A one x long-sleeve WC jersey. Not sure if it will take off.

      His left arm sleeve could be a little longer. Maybe wants the guns on display.

      • Holby City

        I’m more curious about what shorts he will wear. White? Black?

  • Anon N + 1

    Don’t forget the Curse of the Rainbow Bands. Could there be more second places for Mr. Sagan next year?

    • Dave

      Hopefully he’s paid them all in advance!

    • Michele

      I’m tipping the opposite.

      • Holby City


  • Michele

    The more I hear from and read about Lizzie Armitstead, the more impressed I am.

    • Andy B


      • jules

        she has a delightfully posh accent! and I don’t mean that in the Wiggo “you’ve got a posh accent” way ;)

        • Dave

          As in the one you only notice because it’s so incongruous with the stream of profanity?

          My favourite of the TeamGB (world’s tallest midget?) girls is still Laura Trott.

        • Michele

          Maybe we could suggest to Lizzie she read records audiobooks for a living post cycling??? :)

          • Dave

            Imagine how well she would go telling us all about the local chateaus throughout the month of July!

            • Michele


    • Michelle Birchfield

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  • Dave

    The rest of the peloton won’t be happy with Jens Debusschere (the villain of a massive crash a couple of weeks ago) getting up for the win!

    • Sean Doyle

      I was thinking that myself. Maybe he’s decided to get away from them and just happens to win. Jens Douchebag.

  • jules

    Giro looks made for Richie next year!

    • Dave

      Yep. One way or the other, it will certainly define the rest of his career.

  • Paolo

    CA selection policy…the saga continues. Another example are the U19 girls this year. Till the day of the announcement of the selected riders it was never announced by CA that only two riders for the RR and only one rider for the TT will be selected. You had girls, parents, coaches etc. putting time, effort and lots of money into the season hoping to get a spot in the TT or RR that wasn’t planned to be filled by CA. From what i know, even the second rider in the RR had to be pushed for as CA only wanted to take one rider! But how did a senior CA person (now OGE ) said, “Athletes are interchangeable, my staff is not”. Good night and good luck.

  • Michele

    Only in Italy :)

    At least Rosa will have a legitimate excuse if he fails the test and wants to use the ‘Alex Watson’ excuse.

    • Arfy

      Don’t order espresso at the next UCI meeting

      • dsd74

        Though I’m sure UCI espresso would still be better than Starbucks.
        Not that I’d want to try, just saying…

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