• Michele

    Okay ….

    What’s better for the sport ..

    Bjarne coming back into the fold or Oleg staying – for now at least – in cycling. I’m starting to lean [never thought I’d say this] towards Riis.


    LA took cycling fans for a ride … no doubt about it. Starting to think David Walsh is doing the same.

    Interesting how he is selling two books concurrently which are exactly the same except for the title. His new book ‘The Program’ is actually ‘7 Deadly sins’ [from a couple of years ago] rebadged.

    My local book store is selling both of them next to each other – complete with different ISBNs.

    Very sneaky marketing. ‘The Program’ has in ‘fine print’ on the cover ‘7 Deadly sins …’, but I have no doubt there would be some who will not realise it’s the same book and buy it.

    Unless of course, they’ve read all of Walsh’s other books and they realise that LA Confidential was re-edited to become From Lance to Landis, and then his other book LANCED was just extracts from these 2 books.

    • jules

      there’s a bit of repetition in Walsh’s books, I’ve noticed that. having said that, it’s amazing how much story there is to tell there. but I’m probably read-out on Lance now.

      • Abdu

        I’m thinking Walsh has earned the right to finally make a little bit of coin.

        Lance not so much. Most of the US backers, Oakley, Nike, Thomas Wiesel, etc. not so much either. They made all theirs and aint giving any back.

        Anyway, no cyclist ever buys those books, their relatives do (for Christmas presents).

        • jules

          I’ve bought them – 2nd hand. they are worth the read. I have no axe to grind with Walsh either, but he is exercising his right to earn a living – no problem.

  • Michele

    Sagan nearly pulls the trick off … nearly.
    Then again, I don’t think there are any male cyclists in the pro peloton who can make all white knicks work.

    • rob

      Sagan has said he doesnt like the full white knicks but was forced to choose them (UCI rule states white knicks or team knicks only). He said it was more respectful than mismatching a white jersey with the yellow/blue Saxi bibs.
      Rumour is that Sportful will redesign the whole team kit design next year so he will be able to wear some white/black bibs (and i suppose the rest of the team will too) which will look better. Sorry Alberto, theres a new favourite child!

      • Michele

        However I thought you could still do what Cadel did when he was WC at BMC. He wore black knicks with white side panels. And not a stich of BMC red to be seen.

        I wonder if UCI changed the rules. Most probably’ they seem to refine the laws/rules that matter most.

        • jules

          are the white knicks that bad? sure, they’re not great, but they don’t look that bad do they? is the issue really about the risk of stains? :)

          • Michele

            In the mid of summer, when Sagan is tanned – not so much.

            You don’t wasn’t a pasty look rider wearing all white. Imagine Froome as world champion

            The biggest issue I have with the white knicks is the ‘flow on effect’.

            There’s enough XXXXX [feel free to insert an applicable adjective] riding around in World Champion’s jerseys now. You don’t want these same XXXXXX wanting to emulate Sagan and decide all white is all right.

            • Holby City

              Nothing wrong with being pasty!

          • papp

            Remember that fan that took a photo of Sagan making an emergency poop stop in a grass ditch? haha

            • jules

              no? I guess he didn’t win that day though

        • Paolo

          You have to apply to the UCI to get black/white knicks like Cadel. Tinkoff applied for it.

          • Michele

            Thanks for thank Paolo

        • Abdu

          As an aside, Cadel gave away several of his white WC jerseys (and even his WC shoes) to charities to auction and raise money for them. I saw at least two, and those charities raised thousands. All those snide English journos calling him Cuddles never wrote about that though.

        • Hamish

          The most disturbing bit about that photo is Hincapie’s knicks

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    • Jessy Vee

      I don’t particularly mind the white knicks… He can definitely pull them off better than most.

      • Karl

        Er… phrasing :-)

        • Jessy Vee

          I think I got the phrasing spot on…

          • Karl

            Ah… I’m a bit slow. That must be why I don’t race

            • Jessy Vee

              It’s ok Karl. I’m just being a big perve. :-p

              • Stryder T.A

                Jessy V being a big perve? Who would of thought ;)

                • Jessy Vee

                  I don’t look like a perve at all, do I? Hiding in bushes with a big camera.. lol


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