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  • Wish I was on the bike…

    What did i miss in the Sagan video? I got the helmet and bike change….?

    • Bex

      was it mid race with the commentator going in the back ground… and team car to pace him back out.

    • Roger That

      Was it an effort to enliven the yawn-inducing Abu Dhabi Tour? (Endless sand dunes and a car race track will do that to you). He should have hopped on a Specialized Camel, that would have livened things up.

  • Robert Merkel

    Yep, all 3-d printed.

    Except the wheels, the drivetrain, the tyres, presumably the brakes (which don’t seem to be visible in the incomplete prototype)…

    Best of luck to these guys, but 3D printing is simply not capable of producing the complex (and expensive) parts of a bicycle at this moment in time.

    • Damien P.

      I disagree that you couldn’t 3D print a group-set, but it would require a (currently) expensive printer. Still, 3D printing has been progressing quicker than I expect, so in the not-to-distant future it could be a good way of reducing unnecessary weight in the drive-train. The weight weenies will be all over it before you know :).

  • Paolo

    Seems like Boonen has used up most of his luck in the early years of his career. Would love to see him in full flight one more time during the “holy week” next year.

  • ed209

    Having just returned from Denmark, I can attest to the staggering amount of cyclists in Copenhagen. Near train stations, schools and business centres, there are thousands of parked bikes, many levels deep and in multi-storey bike racks. It’s unbelievable.

  • muz

    WTF in the video

    Jesse Sergent (aus)

    • Douglas

      Do you mean the Watts video? I was entertained by it, but it froze on Oleg Tinkoff at the end, and I had to do a hard reset on my iPad.

      • Dave

        How distressing for you.

  • margo

    I am proud that I was a fun of cycling ,Now 2 wheels electric scooterbecomes a part of my life.It’s the perfect life style to enjoy my free time!!!


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