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  • Nitro

    Does “Trotify” fit a road bike ? Di-2 compatible ? What’s the aero advantage (I’m assuming it’s performance enhancing). Does it work with carbon rims and disc brakes ? Whats the optimal speed to trot ratio ?

    So many questions to be answered before we see them adopted en masse in Beach Road bunches….

    • Hamish F

      How many Sparrows are needed to carry the coconut to the factory for manufacture?

      • Neil

        I believe you’re referring to swallows there my friend.

    • Simon

      I’m not a violent man Mr Fawlty, but if I see a bike with coconuts and a contraption attached I shall be forced to visit mayhem and violence upon the machine. Such things are an abomination unto the Lord. I failed with sock height but lessons have been learned. You have been warned.

    • If the Trotify was funded by a kickstarter campaign, I’m definitely getting one going…

    • Janu

      Spartacus needs one asap!

  • ceedee

    You wouldn’t want to ride past churches with three other mates all with Trotify fitted. It might freak people out.

  • Richard14009

    The Holy Grail of Bike Accessories

  • Fleur

    OMG that Trotify is something super special!!!!!

  • Cynic

    That photo of Dani Moreno, the grumpy guy behind in the crowd looking at Moreno’s butt.
    Made my day.

    • Simon

      At a glance he could pass for Henk Vogels. No one does the grumpy stare better.

      • Cynic

        Can you add a speech bubble for Henk “this stage is filthy..”?

  • Nitro

    And on a serious note (I’m hoping that CT didnt publish the “Trotify” story just to see how many people would go for this and not the more serious topics (because if he did, I fell for it – hook line and sinker)

    The whole CADF / IOC / Anti-doping story I find fascinating… How much of this is about politics and power, vs how much of this is about genuinely cleaning up (all) sports?

    • Sean Doyle

      It’s all about politics and power for a jaded cycling enthusiast.


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