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  • jules

    Froome: “I haven’t seen the route yet, whatever it is I’ll still kick their arses”

    • The truth is, 98% of the riders don’t pay attention to this TdF route announcement until about May. It’s more for the businesses (such as tour companies, media, etc) so they can start booking their rooms!

  • Nitro

    Who’s the scruffy guy on the right hand side of the line-up at the TdF presentation. Everyone else is in a suit, he clearly didn’t get the memo…

    Should be referred to as “Doing a Sagan” based on the last presentation where everyone turned up in a suit, except for the World Champion who went with the t-shirt..

    Oh no – did I really just make a comment about suitable attire for formal functions? I’m turning into my Mother…. Just shoot me now…

  • Abdu

    That GCN clip, with the headline “Is the new Lance Armstrong film any good?” – bugger me they’ve got an actor who’s the spitting image of Big Tex.

  • Josh Smith

    Wasn’t there something about the Aussie teams pursuit squad all riding for budget to optimize their preparations for rio? Now 2 of them have left the team. Seems a bit weird


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