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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
  • Nitro

    Dear Philips – can you let me know where I can buy a pair of the glow-in-the-dark wheels for the MTB – Awesome !

  • Nitro

    “Holowesko-Citadel” There’s a name that just rolls off the tongue.

    One can only imagine how Phil and Paul would tie themselves in knots trying to shout that name out at 500 words-per-minute at the end of a sprint stage…

    • Dave C

      That wont worry Phil & Paul. They will get it wrong like every other cyclist or team name.

      • Laurens

        They will miss the action anyway because Phil is talking about wine and Paul is reading the tourist guide out loud. Give me Keenan anytime.

        • Sean

          Paul and Phil are the voices of cycling though, I can’t imagine a tour de france without those legends calling it. Keno is Ok for a beginner, he lacks the deep knowledge of cyclings inner workings which is where Phil excels. I’m sure most here would agree.

          • Laurens

            Sorry, but I don’t.
            I think Keno’s knowledge is enormous and if there is someone attacking just before the picture changes, guess who spots it, not P&P I can tell you.
            And the voices of cycling they may be, and I do like listening to them previewing a stage or something, but when the race is on, give me Keno and Macka!

            • Bex

              surely Sean is tolling you, Keno “lacks the deep knowledge of cyclings inner workings”… p&p haven’t uttered a new line in the last 5 years, Keno is constantly popping out little facts about different riders and how they came to the place they’re in.

              yep when anything happening, or about to happen, keno and robbie (he’s always so accurate with his predictions).

              • Michele

                Def is trolling

              • Abdu

                Have a look at Keeno next telecast, his desk in his booth is covered in A3 pages of research.

                Without sounding like I want to boof him, if you talk to him in person it’s clear that he loves the sport. Not one bit a know-it-all, just massive nerd. You don’t get that in most other sports.

          • Abdu

            In my view, Keeno tries too hard and knows too much. Sure, Keeno is not an ex Pro like Paul, and as a newbie he’s only been commentating on the sport for 5 years. Phil was never a Pro either, but he’s as nuts about the sport as Keeno. Maybe it’s because he’s a nice bloke and doesn’t tip on people?

            • Abdu

              I meant, his only fault might be he tries too hard..oh and he dresses like a hubbard. Needs to look more Pro when he’s on the bike…

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    • Abdu

      The real issue is how “Big George” lives this charmed life, when he was such a massive doper and henchman for Lance all those years.

      Proof that only bad guys are dopers in cycling, the ‘nice guys’ get looked after and protected.

      • Michele

        He sits on the same top [or bottom] rung of the doping ladder as Lance himself.

        You do know he owns a hotel called Hotel Domestique where you can eat at Restaurant 17.

        I’m not sure of the signifance of the number 17. Maybe that’s how many TdFs he rode doped.


        I do love his glowing customer review on the home page. Some anonymous guy called Christian Vande Velde enjoyed it :)

  • Jii

    If Gerro and Matthews were named joint leaders then they have every right to sprint against each other. Surely no one expects either of them to defer to and work for the other at the last moment? Particularly not when both are in good form and riding in at the front of the World Champs with only a couple of kilometres to go and a chance to be World Champion! If either of them is saucy about it, they are similarly deluded.

    • Abdu

      Not the first time Australian team management has messed up the leadership.

      Just ask Cadel about his World Championship win – story goes the Australian team elected to ride for Gerro that day, left Cadel to his own devices basically with one rider as support. Cadel lost him early on and won on the basis of joining with some Eastern Europeans, ex Lotto team mates I think…

      • Dave B

        I actually heard that it was an Aussie who did a stack of work for cadel in that race towards setting him up, but reading through the race reports couldn’t see that. Regardless, having Gerrans and Matthews as co leaders – I would have made Matthews #1 with Gerrans support, if Matthews dropped out, then Gerrans gets a crack.

        • bc

          Phil Gil wouldn’t chase him down, and the 2 Spanish guys in the chase group had a man up the road.

          There’s a good ride article with the details on teammates:

          “Having Simon with me in the race was sensational. But the rider who impressed me more than anyone was Wes Sulzberger. I couldn’t believe how good he was. He rode and rode and rode. Got dropped. Got back on. Rode. Got dropped. He took feeds, gave me feeds. He went to the front and worked. It was like he would never run out of energy.

          “I looked at my computer and we had done 205km and he was still riding on the front. He’s at the world championships and making experienced guys look like amateurs. Chapeau!

          “Eventually he came back to me and said, ‘Man, just give it to ’em. I’m finished.’ He gave me a last little push, just as we hit the Acqua Fresca on the third-last lap, and then I didn’t see him again. But he put in a most impressive ride.”

  • Michele

    I wonder who would be interested in sponsoring Jonathan Tiernan-Locke?


  • Derek Maher

    Lance may have been banned from the sport but he can still make waves for many.

  • Was it that surprising in 93 – that he did a deal to take the win bonus? Deals were, and are, always done for the right moments, when needed. That’s professional cycling. It says more about the people with selective amnesia, than the revealed deals.


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017